Videos and Courses

Videos and Courses

Investment U Explains: High-Frequency Trading VIDEO

by Alexander Green

Americans today are increasingly obsessed with the issue of "fairness." This obsession is now spilling over to the stock market, where certain folks claim that high-frequency traders are using a technology advantage to cheat ordinary investors. The technology advantage is real. The harm done is more imaginary. Here's why... Read On…

A Better Way to Value a Stock Plus

by Marc Lichtenfeld

Last week in this column, I discussed why I do not believe the market is in a bubble. I offered several reasons, among them that the market's price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio was not in bubble territory. P/E is the most popular method of valuing a company. You take the company's earnings per share and divide it by its stock price. Read On…

Investment U Explains: Tax Inversion VIDEO

by Andrew Snyder

Here's a fact that infuriates more than a handful in Washington: The nation's top 15 companies now hold nearly $800 billion worth of cash outside of U.S. borders. Some call it unpatriotic while others look at it as necessity. But the politics of this debate is not what we're here for. We're here to build and protect wealth. Time and time again, the math shows us the more we avoid Uncle Sam, the quicker our journey to financial independence. Read On…