Investment Wisdom and Expertise

Investment Wisdom and Expertise

The market can be a confusing place. Financial education can help you make sense of the chaos. But expertise can help you truly understand it. That’s why our senior editors write columns full of investment wisdom.

Our Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green has decades of experience as a Wall Street analyst. He also authored a best-seller, The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio. It condenses his years of investment expertise into a no-fuss portfolio strategy.

Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld gets his expertise from a long career as a financial researcher and trader. Before joining The Oxford Club, he wrote an income investing column for Jim Cramer’s TheStreet. Marc is also the author of Get Rich With Dividends. He literally wrote the book on dividend strategy.

Marc also hosts the weekly Oxford Club Radio podcast. He interviews veteran financial managers and writers. These videos bring their investment wisdom to readers like you.

Emerging Trends Strategist Matthew Carr is a seasoned financial journalist. He cut his teeth covering energy and trade finance for professional publications. Matt focuses on predictable trends in the stock market.

Finally, there’s Lecture Notes. It’s the Sunday-morning column from our Editorial Director, Andrew Snyder. Andy’s folksy parables help you understand why our financial markets are the way they are. His column frequently explores the history, policy, and ethics of investing.

Our editors’ columns don’t just contain technical expertise. Their investment wisdom can help you live a richer life in every sense. Many of the articles below do focus on practical investment strategy. But you’ll also find Alex writing about the importance of optimism. Or Andy writing about the bizarre history of our country’s financial system.

Take a look at the work of our columnists below. Their investment wisdom can help you become a better-rounded investor. We want to use our team’s financial expertise to help your portfolio.