Financial Education and Investment Basics

Financial Education and Investment Basics

Why is financial education almost completely absent from our schools?

You were taught about the anatomy of a frog. And the history of the U.S.-France relationship. And a bunch of other esoteric information you’ll never use. Yet when it comes to learning personal finance and investment basics – skills we all use daily – you’re on your own.

That’s why we founded Investment U almost 20 years ago. First and foremost, this site exists to give people the financial education and investment basics crash course they never got in school. Over the years we’ve expanded into financial analysis and general advice. But we started with the kind of financial literacy articles you see here.

Below are some “greatest hits” from our financial education series. They include “how-to” articles and videos about basic investment tasks. There’s down-to-earth technology explainer articles for the digitally-challenged. Portfolio strategy. Tax and retirement tips. If you’re looking to improve any facet of your financial literacy, you’ve come to the right place.

Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan once said, “The number one problem in today’s generation and economy is the lack of financial literacy.” With your help, we can prove the Fed chair wrong. No matter your age or your level of financial experience, we invite you to educate yourself with these articles.

A rich life starts with financial education. Especially in today’s uncertain economy.

There was a time when you could just grow your nest egg in a savings account. No investment required. But today, we live in a world where interest rates are negative when adjusted for inflation. To make your money work for you, you’ve got to put it in the market.

Our financial education articles and videos cater to any investor, regardless of skill level. Whether you’re buying your first stock or writing your hundredth put option, check out these articles. See if you can learn something. Your future self will thank you.