Chart of the Week

Are You Falling Behind? Chart of the Week

by Rachel Gearhart

Taxes,student debt, car payments, insurance, credit cards, mortgage payments, rent…it can be hard to keep up. And according to this week’s chart, 55% of Americans agree - even though they also feel that the economy is recovering. Read On…

The Future of Oil Chart of the Week

by Rachel Gearhart

Though no one predicts that oil will rebound to anywhere near its circa $110 a barrel price from pre-June 2014 drop, plenty of folks on Wall Street expect to see prices similar to those from September 2014. That’s good news for the sector. Read On…

Chart of the Week: Can You Afford Retirement? Chart of the Week

by Rachel Gearhart

It’s recommended that workers shoot for a retirement income of at least 70% of their pre-retirement income. Yet on average, retiree households in the United States are living on only $37,847 a year. According to an study of 2013 Census Bureau data, that’s only 60% of the annual income of 45- to 64-year-olds. Read On…