Market Analysis and Actionable Insights

Market Analysis and Actionable Insights

The world is changing too fast to trust the conventional wisdom.

We live in a time of political instability, historically low interest rates, and extreme market volatility. Investors need informed market analysis and actionable insights to succeed.

You might be looking for the latest trends in domestic equities. Or actionable insights about developing economies. Or a rational view of debt markets. No matter what kind of market analysis you want, look no further. These articles and videos will give you the tools you need to thrive in this dynamic world.

Investment U’s team of analysts has decades of experience. Our researchers excel at pulling actionable insights from market data. And our writers distill them into short, easy-to-follow articles. That’s how we warned our readers about the buildup of subprime mortgage-based CDO’s in 2007.

Today, we have an historic bull market in equities, a chaotic bond market, and an interest rate hike on the horizon. With the stakes so high, investors can never be too careful. That’s why we implore you to check out some of our market analysis pieces below. Our intelligence could save your portfolio.

Our market analysis isn’t just limited to financial data, either. Our writers and analysts offer you crucial economic and policy insights during this time of immense change. Worried that the Brexit might threaten your European holdings? Trying to navigate the markets with Trump’s tariffs in mind? We’ve got you covered.

Our analysts are passionate about helping readers like you succeed. That’s why we’re constantly on the hunt for new trends, opportunities and insights. In the articles below, you’ll find many actionable pieces of analysis which are absent from mainstream media coverage.

Take a look, and see how our insights can enrich your portfolio. The next time the market gets shaken up, you’ll be glad you did.