The Oxford Club proudly presents…
The 12th Annual Investment U Conference
The Grand Del Mar, San Diego, CA
March 16-20, 2010

The World's Most Outstanding Contrarian Investments for 2010

Join over 27 of our Top Experts in San Diego as they
Buck Convention and Hand You their Hottest Stock
Picks for the Next 12 Months…

Dear Oxford Club Member,

When optimism was rampant two years ago – and the stock market was hitting new highs – a great selling opportunity for stocks was created.

Did you take advantage of it?

What about when the market was hitting a 12-year low in March – and investors thought the world was coming to an end? It marked a tremendous buying opportunity for stocks.

Did you take advantage of it?

Even if you didn't, the good news is that these opportunities occur regularly – with bonds, commodities, currencies, metals, real estate and every other type of investment – if you know where to look and when to act.

Billionaire contrarian Warren Buffett once said, "Most people get interested in stocks when everyone else is. The time to get interested is when no one else is. You can't buy what is popular and do well."

Or more simply put, the best values – and the greatest opportunities – can only be found in contrarian investments...

As famous contrarian investor Sir John Templeton liked to say, "If you want to have better performance than the crowd, you must do things differently from the crowd."

That's why I'm sending you this personal invitation to attend our 12th Annual Investment U Conference at the five-star luxury Grand Del Mar in San Diego, CA, from March 16-20, 2010.

The Contrarian Path
to Huge Profits… In Any Market

A contrarian believes that certain crowd behavior among investors can lead to exploitable mispricings in the stock market.

For example, widespread pessimism about a stock can drive a price so low that it overstates the company's risks, and understates its prospects for returning to profitability.

Identifying and purchasing such distressed stocks, and selling them after the company recovers, can lead to impressive double- and triple-digit gains.

Conversely, widespread optimism can result in unjustifiably high valuations that will eventually lead to drops, when those high expectations don't pan out.

Avoiding (or short-selling) investments in over-hyped investments reduces the risk of such drops.

The bottom line… oppose the crowd. By doing so, you'll be following in the footsteps of famous… and very wealthy… contrarians Warren Buffett, Jim Rogers, George Soros… and many more.

While most investors follow the herd and get slaughtered, smart investors get the best values when they buy investments outside of favor…

Warren Buffett often says, "Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful."

Here's your chance to learn from the very best contrarian experts…

With well over 200 years of investment experience between them, these 27 top investment experts have a wealth of knowledge and unique approaches to investing you won't hear anywhere else.

Over 27 Leading Experts Could Hand You Fast Gains of 233%... 411%... Even 680%…

Fact is, whenever the consensus for the market or particular companies swings too far in either direction – undue optimism or pessimism – it creates the absolute greatest opportunities to buy or sell.

And this general contrarian investment principle… like the one followed by the contrarian pioneers Warren Buffett, John Templeton, Jim Rogers and George Soros… is the theme of the 12th Annual Investment U Conference.

It's a contrarian principle that applies whether the investment in question is an individual stock, an industry sector, an entire market, or any other asset class.

You'll have over 27 world-renowned investment experts at your side… Experts who understand the techniques that these world renowned contrarian pioneers used to make their BILLIONS…

Top experts like Oxford Club's Investment Director Alexander Green and Senior Analyst Louis Basenese, Options Specialist Karim Rahemtulla and Editor of The Triple-Zone Profit Trader and Instant Money Trader Lee Lowell, Chairman of Global Resource Investments Rick Rule, President of Black Swan Capital Jack Crooks, CEO and CIO of U.S. Global Investors, Inc., Frank Holmes, and many other leading experts in their respective fields.

We invite you to join us as these experts reveal their most explosive contrarian opportunities for 2010 in all types of stocks, industries, sectors and asset classes.

So, if you're tired of following the herd and missing out on the best profit-producing opportunities, we encourage you to join us at the Investment U Conference in San Diego from March 16-20, 2010.

For five days, you'll be invited to attend investment workshops, educational sessions, and panel discussions, where you'll learn how to be a smarter – and more successful – investor.

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll learn…

Alexander Green will reveal a major play on a foreign market that is trading near a 20-year low and combines incredible upside potential with a once-in-a-lifetime currency play, as well.

Since the beginning of the year, Alex has uncovered winners like…

  • 282% on New Market...
  • 288% on Tetra Tech…
  • 669% on Cerner...
  • 363% on Aaron Rents…
  • 272% on Inverness Medical…
  • 680% on Seagate…
  • 411% on Motorola…
  • 290% on Las Vegas Sands…
  • 244% on 99 Cent Only Stores…
  • 349% on China Medical…

And that's just a small sample of the triple-digit winners he's recommended this year…

Louis Basenese will give his prediction of what will be the biggest surprise of 2010. An asset class that is about to stage a comeback from the dead with a vengeance and catch most investors off guard. The profit tally this go round could top $1 trillion. Lou will reveal the single best (contrarian) move you can make to ensure you're not left behind. Even better, you could get paid to wait until the imminent rebound surfaces.

He'll also share an opportunity in an esoteric market that few investors know about. The last time he honed in on such an opportunity, subscribers who followed his lead… walked away with a 233% gain in less than six months. Lou insists the extreme sentiment this go round makes the profit potential even better.

And he's got the track record to back up his bold claims. Lou's recent recommendations could have led investors to rapid-fire gains of…

  • 282% on Coinstar in six weeks…
  • 47% on Georgia Gulf Corp. in ONE DAY…
  • 146% on Dow Diamonds in a week…
  • 180% on LeapFrog Enterprises in a week…
  • 102% on Buffalo Wild Wings in nine weeks…
  • 266% on Currency Shares Euro Trust in seven weeks…
  • 96% on Cal Maine Foods in six weeks…
  • 140% on Frontline in three weeks…

Karim Rahemtulla will hand you step-by-step instructions on how to own more stocks with less money – it's easier than you think. Karim also reveals options strategies for any market. How you can make more money with little risk, strategies that show you how to win if the market moves higher or lower, and the cheapest way to own stocks, without exception…

A few of Karim's recent winners include gains of 77% on Bank of America… 68% on Citigroup... 100% on a Tenet Calendar spread... 134% on Freeport Copper & Gold… and 162% on a Petrobras bull spread.

Rick Rule will discuss some of the hottest topics in the world today – alternative energy, mining and conventional energy. This resource investing legend personally believes economic alternative energy could be the best investment sector in 2010. You can also join Rick on a field trip to a geothermal plant where he'll discuss the opportunities available in this booming sector.

At a conference in Argentina a few weeks ago, Rick recommended a stock, as a take-over target, that was indeed taken-over recently... and the stock popped up 50% in a day.

Lee Lowell explains his put-option selling strategy to make you "instant money" – it's easier than you might think. He'll show you how to "get paid" to buy your favorite stocks and how to potentially buy stocks much cheaper than current prices with put-option selling.

Lee walks you through – step-by-step – how to sell put options to make smarter use of your money, add leverage and dramatically improve your risk/reward curve. In fact, Lee's option strategy gives upwards of 90% or better probability of profit potential.

Plus, more than two dozen additional speakers known for their provocative insights into the world of investments… covering such hot topics as momentum stocks, currency trading, energy, global markets and estate planning.

Our experts will reveal every secret to profiting in this volatile market. And just as importantly, they'll disclose the strategies that can minimize your risk at the same time.

Follow in the Footsteps of
Famous Billionaire Investors

You'll be following in the footsteps of contrarian pioneers as you learn how crowd behavior among investors can lead to exploitable mispricings in securities markets…

George Soros famously said, "Markets are constantly in a state of uncertainty and flux and money is made by discounting the obvious and betting on the unexpected."

The simple fact is that you can be different... be contrarian… and outsmart the majority of investors – making huge profits in a short amount of time...

History has shown that the few brave "contrarian" investors who venture out and invest in times of economic despair often reap rich rewards when the storms die down…

Prime examples… John Templeton, Jim Rogers, Marc Faber and Warren Buffett…

John Templeton benefited immensely by investing in what he called "points of maximum pessimism". He was known for "avoiding the herd" and "buy when there's blood in the streets" philosophy.

This contrarian streak, the ability to buck conventional trends and not follow the standard perceptions of the stock market, set Templeton apart.

He perfected this to an art and is now recognized as the dean of contrarian investors.

The fund bearing his name is still making people lots of money some 65 years down the line. In fact, each $10,000 invested in the Templeton Growth Fund Class A in 1954, with dividends reinvested, would have soared to $2 million by 1992 when Sir John sold the Templeton Growth Fund.

This translates into an annualized return of 14.5% since inception. Money magazine called him "arguably the greatest global stock picker of the century."

Whether it's purchasing distressed stocks that are oversold or avoiding – or short selling – investments in over-hyped stocks that have unjustifiably high evaluations – contrarian investing opens up a vast pocket of opportunities for you to exploit…

As world-class economist Dr. Marc Farber says, "Follow the course opposite to custom and you will almost always be right."

That's exactly what George Soros and his famous contrarian partner, Jim Rogers, did when they created the hugely successful Quantum Fund. This fund searched for developing market trends or sudden changes about to happen that nobody else had noticed…

The Quantum Fund went on to return about 3,999%, compounded, over the next 30 years… making many investors very wealthy. George Soros is also famous for going short the British pound and earning $1 billion in a single day, Black Wednesday, 1992.

So there you have it... some of the top contrarian investors of our time. They didn't get caught up in the hype, and neither should you.

You Could Make Double- or
Triple-Digit Gains in Less Than a Week

Just look at how one of our top contrarian experts, Louis Basenese, used the market-beating contrarian strategy to bet against the crowd and score huge gains this year…

On January 12, 2009, USA Today announced, "Economic downturn pounds commercial real estate." But they were late to the party. Months before, Lou had recommended shorting LoopNet, Inc. – the of commercial real estate. Here's what had happened to the stock in 2008:

  • MEMC Electronics supplies silicone wafers to solar panel manufacturers… a true commodity back when oil staged its rally. Shares were soaring and poised to jump even higher in the coming months. What did Lou do? He shorted the stock well before oil hit its peak and uncovered a fast 28%. But he was just getting warmed up.

  • In March of last year, everyone "knew" the dollar would keep declining. But Lou predicted a rebound. Most Oxford Club members disagreed. They called his recommendation "unrealistic" and "superficial." The rest is history. Within only two weeks, the dollar staged its best rally in over a decade, hitting its highest level in years… In a few short months, he and his fellow mavericks closed out a 147% gain in Currency Shares Euro Trust.

  • On October 16, 2009, Lou's First Trust Revere Natural Gas ETF contrarian recommendation saw a fast 53% gain despite the fact that the Wall Street Journal just reported, "When it comes to natural gas, bears are coming fast and furious."

Imagine the possible life-changing gains you'll see when Lou and the other 26 leading experts give you their best investment recommendations for 2010.

By attending the 12th Annual Investment U Conference, you could see thousands of dollars added to your bottom line quickly… as you receive simple, straightforward, step-by-step recommendations that can be repeated verbatim to a broker or traded online in just minutes.

Past Graduates Speak Up…

Here's what a few of our past graduates had to say about the Investment U Conference experience…

"Generally every aspect of the conference was first rate. It was great to be here especially in a really tough market. More necessary than ever!"
– Peter S.

"My first Investment U and I'm impressed. Have spent years attending & participating in educational seminars. You all do an excellent job."
– Earl F.

"Met interesting people who were in a similar financial and investing situation as me... Great learning in all areas especially services, options and puts."
– Maggie P.

Fact is, as I 'm writing to you, our world-class speakers are feverishly researching opportunities that aren't even on Wall Street's radar yet.

So how can you "lock in" early access to this research in the next 24 hours? It's simple…

Just secure your seat today at The 12th Annual Investment U Conference in San Diego. This conference is perfectly tailored for those who want to recoup their losses of the last several years, with 2010's most outstanding contrarian investments.

I personally invite you to join me and our top experts at this elite table. But space is filling up quickly. And to ensure that you get one of the limited spots available, I strongly encourage you to act within the next 24 hours.

Transform Your Life…
Become a Smarter Investor

Over the five days of this intensive seminar, you can learn how to transform your wealth profile and profit handsomely. You can leave protected and secure.

And this year we're changing up the format a bit to give you even more for your money… more time for the speakers to share their best investment ideas with you, more workshops to fine-tune your investment skills, more educational sessions to expand your knowledge of investment opportunities and more panel discussions to make you a smarter, more informed wealth builder.

For example, each morning global resource investments expert, Rick Rule, will host an alternative energy, mining and conventional energy session to get you fired-up for a full day of exceptional investment opportunities. And investment publisher and analyst Marc Courtenay, head of our Retirement Advisory Panel, will discuss the best ways to build your retirement portfolio during these turbulent times.

You'll walk away with a lifetime of memories…

And the potential to earn huge profits with the top contrarian picks from around the world…

Five Days Packed With Profit Potential

We're still putting the final touches on the conference schedule. But here's an early look at what we have planned for you...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 – Early Registration takes place from 4:00PM until 7:00PM. Join me, The Oxford Club's Executive Director Julia Guth, as I open up the conference with an Introduction to Investment U overview from 4:30PM to 6:30PM. Accompanying me will be Robert Williams – Publisher of Investment U, Rick Rule – Chairman of Global Resource Investments, Ltd. and Dr. Scott Brown – the IU educational director to go over the program.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 – Check-in and continental breakfast start at 8:30AM. This full day will feature general session presentations and a panel discussion from our top speakers, hosted by Investment U Wealth Strategist Alexander Green. At 6:00PM, we host our Welcome Cocktail Reception.

Thursday, March 18, 2010, is a packed day of general sessions, workshops and panels. Starting with a breakfast session at 7:30AM and going until 5:30PM. Ending with our exquisite wine tasting and presentation with Andres Rosberg of Argentina.

Friday, March 19, 2010, is a half-day of meetings, starting with a breakfast session at 7:00AM. The afternoon is your choice of several activities, indoors or out – whether it's a special roundtable discussion with one of our exhibitors, a wine country tour, or the Charity Golf Event. In the evening is our invitation-only Chairman Circle Reception.

Saturday, March 20, 2010, is another information-packed day of general sessions and workshops starting with a breakfast session at 7:30AM. Join us for our Farewell Presentations and Cocktail Party from 6:00PM-7:00PM.

No one can predict with 100% accuracy what will happen in these volatile markets. But we believe that with our expert's recommendations, at the end of these five days, you'll be much closer to achieving your financial dreams.

You'll learn how to set up a bulletproof strategy, and make it work for you easily. So you can enjoy life – like you will at our premiere San Diego locale.

Pack Your Bags... We're Heading to the
Luxurious Grand Del Mar in Sunny San Diego

This year's Investment University promises to be an event like no other. It's our 12th Annual Investment U Conference and we've planned a true extravaganza...

In the course of five days, you'll learn first-hand the secrets to capturing every last profit out of this historic economic downturn.

And what's more, this event will take place at the beautiful Grand Del Mar in San Diego…

Our top-notch team will teach you their strategies on how to prosper in any market. You will walk away with the knowledge needed to apply these techniques in your own investing.

Our Seasoned Panel of Successful Experts

Here are just a few of our special guests who will teach you their personal strategies – and give specific contrarian recommendations – for building wealth...

Alexander Green, the Chief Investment Strategist of Investment U and the Investment Director of The Oxford Club. A New York Times bestselling author, Alex has compiled one of the most enviable track records in the industry. The independent Hulbert Financial Digest has ranked it third – overall – in the country, based on his five-year total potential return. He's also one of the top-rated speakers at financial conferences around the world.

Karim Rahemtulla, the Chief Options Specialist at The White Cap Research Group, and the Editor of Strategic Income, The 400 Report and The White Cap Report's mid-month The Xcelerated Profits Report. Karim is our "on the ground" options expert – collecting research first-hand from all over the United States... and overseas. In San Diego, he'll be discussing how you can make profits with options strategies in any market… up or down. Known for making sophisticated derivatives techniques easy for the average investor, his strategies have resulted in winners 70% of the time over the last three years.

Louis Basenese, the Club's Senior Analyst and a regular contributor to Investment U... plus, the Chief Investment Strategist of The White Cap Report. A former Wall Street analyst who helped direct over $1 billion in institutional capital, Lou specializes in alternative investments such as small caps, hedge funds, managed futures and takeovers. Lou will present his in-depth research on the most probable takeover bids for 2010... where stocks can pop by double-digits in a single day.

Rick Rule, the Chairman of Global Resource Investments, Ltd. Rick is a resource investing legend. He has yet to find a room big enough to meet seating demand at his presentations. He's a trained geologist... and a masterful investor in his "home" sector. He's been principally involved in natural resource security investments since 1974. And you'll get all of Rick's specific investment recommendations at the conference.

Marc Lichtenfeld, the Director of Research of Access at The White Cap Research Group, with a specialty in healthcare stocks. Recently, Marketocracy – a leading research company that tracks, analyzes, and evaluates the investment industry – released statistics showing his biotech portfolio outperformed 99.9% of the other 60,000 portfolios on their site. Whether it's a biotech, pharmaceutical or medical device company, Marc knows how to pick winners.

Dr. Mark Skousen, Editor, Forecasts & Strategies. Meet former Investment U Chairman and Columbia University Economist Dr. Mark Skousen. He's an occasional columnist for Forbes, author of 20 books, and editor-in-chief of Forecasts & Strategies. And even through the turbulent markets, he has continued his unprecedented 20-plus year winning streak.

Keith Fitz-Gerald, Money Map Report Investment Director. Keith is a seasoned market analyst. His complex systems have predicted key market events... including the 2000 stock-market decline and then its turnaround in 2003. He also predicted the Chinese markets would tumble just days before stocks plunged 9% in a single trading session.

David Fessler is the energy and infrastructure expert for The Oxford Club, one of the world’s most exclusive and prestigious networks of private investors. A prolific writer, David is the author of Hot Stacked, a focused overview of the energy and infrastructure markets appearing monthly in The Communiqué. He’s also a weekly contributor to Investment U, the Club’s free investment education division with more than 355,000 active subscribers. His articles are widely syndicated. Seeking Alpha lists David among the top 100 fastest growing authors by readership. David has appeared on the “Glenn Beck Show” on the Fox News Channel, where he was one of the first journalists to break the story on the commercial real estate crash. His research in the area of energy and infrastructure is fast-becoming the most sought after in the industry.

Dr. Kent Moors, Contributing Editor, Money Morning. Dr. Moors is one of the world’s foremost experts on oil, energy policy, finance, risk management and new technologies. Moors advises the leaders of six oil-producing countries, including the United States, as well as global corporations and banks operating in 25 countries.

Matt Badiali, Editor, Stansberry Research. Matt is the editor of the The S&A Resource Report, a monthly investment advisory that focuses on the oil, energy, and mining sectors as investment - from small exploration outfits to equipment companies to the biggest resource companies in the world.

Eric Fry, Editor, Agora Financial Group. Eric has been a specialist in international equities since the early 1980s. He is a frequent contributor to the Daily Reckoning and the voice of the sometimes abrasive, mostly entertaining and always insightful Rude Awakening.

Byron King, Editor, Outstanding Investments. Byron looks at current events, economics, politics and particularly energy issues through the lens of history.  He brings to the table a unique perspective that incorporates many millions of years of the Earth's geologic history, and blends its significance into the more recent, man-made kind of tale.

Chuck Butler, Senior Editor, The Currency Capitalist. A 35-year veteran of the financial markets, Chuck has done more to advance investor awareness and participation in currency based vehicles than perhaps any other banker alive today. He has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, MarketWatch and The St. Petersburg Times.

Plus many more...

Jack Crooks, President, Black Swan Capital
Kevin Drost, Manager, Preferred Client Relations, Asset Strategies International, Inc.
Thomas Fischer, Sr. Vice President, Jyske Global Asset Management
Frank Holmes, CEO and CIO, U.S. Global Investors, Inc.
Steve Belmont, Senior Options Specialist, Rutsen Meier Belmont (RMB) Group
John "Jack" A. Pugsley, Editor, The Stealth Investor
Dr. Scott Brown, Education Director, Investment U
Richard M. Smith, PhD, Resident Right Way Trader
Justice Litle, Editorial Director, Macro Trader

You'll have access to over 27 world-renowned, in-demand experts... each prepared to deliver their No. 1 picks for 2010 as more than $1 trillion enters the marketplace.

In addition, a variety of exhibitors will be attending… including…

Donald Hosmer, President and CEO of Royale Energy
Van Simmons, President, David Hall Rare Coins
Rich Checkan, Vice-President ASI – Asset Strategies International, Inc.
Joe Gandolfo, Tax Consultant, Joe Gandolfo, PhD & Associates
Frank Trotter, President of EverBank Direct
Steve Rosberg, Managing Partner, Ushay

All of them available to assist you in reaching your financial goals with a wide selection of profit-producing opportunities…

This elite group will give you highly focused presentations that could put thousands of extra dollars in your pockets by showing you how to…

  • Stay two steps ahead of Wall Street: Learn what the next red-hot investment trends will be in 2010 and how to squeeze the maximum gains from them…

  • How to invest worry free: You'll learn proven strategies for profiting no matter what direction the markets head…

  • Build profitable, lifelong relationships: By networking with other members from all over the world, who knows what kind of million-dollar ideas you'll come up with?

All while you're soaking up the culture and charm of one of our most beautiful cities – San Diego.

Set amidst San Diego's serene Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve, The Grand Del Mar, a 249-room luxury resort masterpiece, captures the elegance and comfort of an old-world Mediterranean estate.

Graceful archways, ornate stone and wrought iron accents, wood-beamed ceilings and decorative columns surround you in a place inspired by the exotic architectural style of Addison Mizner.

Offering exquisite services and amenities… The Grand Del Mar transcends the ordinary. Delivering a world-class San Diego resort experience, ideal for escaping, gathering, or celebrating.

Enjoy all the luxuries of resort life at The Grand Del Mar while you discover hot investment tips from around the world.

Complimentary services and amenities available include:

  • Fully-equipped fitness center
  • Fitness classes ranging from yoga to body sculpting
  • Concierge services
  • Full-service business center
  • In-room high-speed and wireless Internet access
  • Twice-daily housekeeping service
  • Shoeshine
  • Bottled water in room
  • Courtesy transportation within 14-mile radius from 8:00 am – 10:00 pm (subject to availability)

Additional services and amenities available:

  • Soothing spa treatments and a full range of salon services
  • Five dining outlets and a gourmet café
  • 24-hour in-room dining
  • Interactive children's programming and a kids/teen center
  • Golf and tennis lessons
  • Daily laundry/valet service
Amateur Golfers Wanted!

On Friday, March 19, come join in the fun at The Oxford Club and Investment U's 3rd Annual Charity Golf Tournament.

A charity event that benefits The Roberto Clemente-Santa Ana privately funded Health Clinic in Nicaragua.

Cost: $295 per player
60 Golfers, 15 Teams Four-Man Scramble

In the early afternoon, grab lunch, get some sun, and tee off among familiar Oxford Club faces at the spectacular Grand Golf Club… San Diego's only Tom Fazio-designed golf course.

This is for beginners too! The teams will be mixed levels of abilities.

If you are interested in participating or sponsorship, call Michelle at 800.926.6575 ext. 105 or for details.

The resort is minutes from the San Diego International Airport. And we've negotiated a discounted rate for conference participants. Our group rate is only $249 per night (plus tax) for a single or double room... an excellent price for luxury in such beautiful surroundings.

To take advantage of this price, call the hotel at 888.314.2030. Be sure to mention you are with the Investment U seminar.

PLEASE NOTE: Our room block sells out quickly. So please reserve your room right away.

Our preferred travel agent for this event is Agora Travel. The agents there, Maria Maher and Michelle DeFilippis, can assist you in finding the best air rates. For more information, call 800.926.6575.

This Event Will Sell Out in a Hurry

The popularity of Investment University – combined with the current market climate and the extra "bonuses" set for our 12th Annual Investment U event – means that it will sell out in record time.

In fact, we're already filling up fast. Almost half of the seats have been reserved.

So as you can see, even a slight delay in registration could find you on the waiting list... for next year's conference!

At the bargain price of only $795 per person for the conference, it's an event you can't afford to miss.

Expect five days filled with actionable ideas that you won't hear anywhere else... ideas that could put thousands of extra dollars in your bank account.

Your registration includes: the welcome cocktail reception, five days of educational sessions, continental breakfast each morning, coffee breaks, in-class course materials, take-home reference materials, entrance to our Exhibition Hall, conference tote bag, chance to join sponsored lunches and a farewell event on Saturday evening.


Don't Miss the Most Important Investment U Yet

With the right knowledge... and the strategies you'll learn at the 12th Annual Investment U Conference – making money is not only possible, it's easier than you might think.

I cannot stress this enough... This is the ONE conference that should not be missed. Let over 27 of the greatest experts help you find the hidden profits in this historic economic downturn.

Call Barb Periello, Michelle Sedita, or Michael Whetstine right away at Opportunity Travel and Conference Services at 800.926.6575 (toll-free) or 561.243.6276 Ext. 105 or 106 to reserve your space before this popular conference sells out.

I hope to see you in San Diego.


Julia Guth
Executive Director, The Oxford Club
Founder, Investment U

P.S. I am so confident that you'll be satisfied, that I'm offering every attendee a 100% money-back guarantee. If, by the end of the event, it hasn't met your expectations... and you haven't walked away a more effective wealth builder... I'll refund every penny of your registration.