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Fundamental Analysis Pro

The stock market can be a confusing and overwhelming place for the everyday investor. But there are simple steps you can take to make trading simple and successful.

Our free five-part video course will help you tune out the unnecessary market noise and will supply you with the tools you need to properly analyze stocks.  All it takes is a basic understanding of fundamental analysis.

Fundamental analysis is considered the cornerstone of investing.

It involves diving into financial statements and doing some simple calculations to gain insight on a company's future performance.

If you aren't performing some type of fundamental analysis when you invest, you are really just rolling the dice.

Don't worry, this analysis isn't rocket science. You don't need any type of math or finance background to do this. We will show you the equations behind every metric we analyze and give you real-world examples along the way.

In fact, our videos will show you places online where you can access all this information for free. With these free sites, you can quickly analyze a stock without having to calculate a single number on your own.

That's right... the work is done for you and presented in an easily digestible format that is just one click away.

In our free five-part mini-course, we will cover...

  1. The importance of sales and earnings growth
  2. How you can gauge if a stock is overpriced or underpriced
  3. How to identify healthy levels of debt and cash
  4. Why you need to pay attention to operating and profit margins
  5. Key metrics you can use to grade a company's management team

We guarantee that at the end of this mini-course, you will know how to perform basic fundamental analysis on your own in just a few minutes' time.

Best of all? This course is totally free.

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Whether you want to be more hands-on with your portfolio or wish to become a top analyst who can go head-to-head with any Wall Street broker, our course will provide you with a simple road map to understanding the basics behind fundamental analysis.

So don't waste any more time wondering if the stock you just bought is on its last financial leg. Start your road to successful investing today by simply entering your email address in the box above.

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