"Oxford is more than a club.

It's a college education and the dean is Alex [Green]."

- Earl Roy Simard, Member since December 2003

The Oxford Club knows that, in order to acquire and keep your wealth, it’s vital that you are a knowledgeable investor – that you understand how the markets work and why one strategy works while another fails. The Club accomplishes this goal with a strong emphasis on investor education via its educational arm, Investment U.

When The Oxford Club acquired the Institute for Individual Investors (IFII) in 2013, its educational offerings expanded greatly. Investment U was a natural fit for IFII’s investor education courses.

The Courses tab is your portal to those courses. If you’ve purchased access to a course or are a Chairman's Circle Member, click on the course name below or in the Courses navigation bar, sign in, and start learning how to become an independent and well-informed investor.

Alexander Green's Secret to Building a 2.3 million dollar portfolio course

Imagine never having to worry about money again. We’re staring at the face of an unprecedented bull market. Corporate earnings are at record highs…interest rates are at historic lows. There’s never been a better (and easier) time to reach true financial freedom.

And now, Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green is doing something he’s never done before… He’s revealing his secrets as the flagship course in Investment U's Liberty Through Wealth series. Alex has compiled every trick, every secret and every formula he uses to consistently pick winning stocks. Now, thanks to ideal market conditions, you can use Alexander Green's Secret to Building a $2.3 Million Portfolio to discover liberty through wealth for yourself.

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In this course, Matthew Carr teaches you his historically proven Prime Investing strategy. He reveals everything you need to know about seasonal investing and how to use it to get the most out of your stock positions.

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Learn how to harness the power of Marc Lichtenfeld’s S.T.A.R.S. supercomputing program, which outperformed the S&P 500 by 1,218% over a 10-year, back-tested period. You'll also get everything you'll ever need to know about the cornerstone of investing... fundamental analysis.

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Free five-part video series covering the basics behind fundamental analysis. This mini-course will supply you with the tools you need to properly analyze stocks. Make sure you check out each video in the proper order listed below so you can grow your knowledge step by step.

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