Dr. Scott Brown

Author: The Investment U Course

Dr. Brown specializes in teaching stock investing because as he emphasizes "the stock market is where individuals and families have the best shot at succeeding financially!"

However, he also has extensive experience as a futures trader, options trader, business entrepreneur and real estate investor and is uniquely qualified to guide you in these areas as well. For over twenty years he has studied every nook and cranny of existing investing knowledge, including arcane historical accounts of successful and unsuccessful stock investors.

He has studied thousands of books and articles on the subject and, over time, noticed that not only is there a simple secret way of looking at and investing in the stock market that is timeless, but also that Wall Street does not want you to know it.

The x-ray glasses that Dr. Brown gives his students allows them to look at the market in exactly the same way as "in the know" investors who have amassed great wealth over the centuries - unlike public investors, kept in the dark, who routinely become the target shooting "rabbits" of slick suited full service brokers of Wall Street.

Scott's search for the holy grail of stock investing culminated in the completion of his Ph.D. in finance in 2004 - an accomplishment achieved by fewer than 100 people per year.

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What was the first dollar you ever earned?

Picking garlic seed with hard working migrant Mexican laborers. I learned a great deal from them – and I still speak fluent Spanish today. 

What's been the most satisfying dollar (or dollars) you've ever earned?

The money I used to cash out my house at age 46 some sixteen years early.

What's your favorite way to make money?

Teaching people. Specifically, teaching them how to manage their money in such a way that it truly helps the whole family. 

What's the best investment advice you've given or ever heard?

Don't gamble on horses or investments.

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