Justin Dove

Moto X Could Push Google (GOOG) Well Above $1,000 a Share

by Justin Dove

It’s been two years since Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) forked over $12.5 million to acquire Motorola’s cellphone business. As we reported back then, the move appeared to be motivated mainly by Motorola’s hefty patent portfolio. And with a price tag of more than double the estimated value of the patents, most pundits argued that Google vastly overpaid. Read On…

Bitcoins: Digital Gold for the Digital Age

by Justin Dove

It's happening all around you, at this very second, and you probably haven't even noticed. Right now, on the same networks that carry your internet data, people are exchanging goods and services – completely off the grid. Out of the reach of the tax man, the Fed, or any other government regulation. Read On…