Jason Jenkins

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After graduating from the University of Virginia's McIntire School of Commerce with a Bachelors of Science in Commerce, Jason spent the next eight years at T. Rowe Price serving in various roles from investment counseling to retirement planning.  In 2005, he became Senior Security Analyst at Wells Fargo Securities in their Residential Mortgage-backed Securities division.

Currently, Jason is completing his thesis and Master's Degree in Government from the Johns Hopkins University Advanced Academic Program.  He offers commentary and research on financial services, global debt, and major market events. He resides in Baltimore, MD.

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Oil Money: It’s Time to Invest in the World’s Best Bank

by Jason Jenkins

A lot of investors are surprised to learn the world's best bank doesn't lie within American borders. According to the IMF, the world's richest country per capita is little ole Qatar located on the Persian Gulf. Because of its location, oil and natural gas have made it a major player on the international scene. Read On…

Nike is Ready to Make a Move

by Jason Jenkins

Sometimes as investors we become obsessed with the next new thing. What's that new company, innovation or strategy the market does not know about? If we get in on the ground floor, we tell ourselves, we'll make a ton of cash. Read On…

Bad News for Copper Bulls

by Jason Jenkins

There's been a lot written about gold over the past two weeks and with good reason. But let's be clear about something... In our current environment, governments printing absorbent amounts of money will not translate into high inflation. And if you play gold strictly as an inflation hedge, you will get burned. Read On…

How to Play the Brazilian Rebound

by Jason Jenkins

Ever since Jim O'Neill coined the phrase "BRIC nations," it was thought that Brazil, Russia, India and China would play major parts in this new economic world order we see evolving today. But lately, many in the market have lost confidence in the four nations. Read On…