Carl Delfeld

Global Equities & Emerging Markets Specialist, Investment U

Carl Delfeld is a Forbes Asia columnist and founder of Jetsetter Capital, a specialist on emerging and frontier markets. He is also an advisor to Leopard Capital, a frontier markets private equity firm. He represented the U.S. on the Board of Directors of the Asian Development Bank in Manila, Philippines after serving as a consultant on emerging capital markets with the U.S. Treasury and the U.S. Senate Finance Committee.

Prior to this, he opened markets in Japan, Australia and Hong Kong for the investment bank Robert W. Baird & Company and headed up the Japan/South Korea Boston group for Bank of America.

Carl is the author of four books including:

His commentary on global and emerging markets has appeared in publications such as Investor’s Business Daily, Forbes, Fox, Fortune, CNBC, Barron’s, The Economist, BusinessWeek and the Asian Wall Street Journal.

Delfeld has M.A.L.D. from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy (Tufts/Harvard) and studied at Sophia University and Keio University in Tokyo, Japan.  He was U.S. representative  to the Asian Development Bank in Manila, Forbes Asia columnist, U.S. Treasury emerging markets consultant and investment banker in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Sydney.

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Five Signs a Market Is Topping Out

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An Unstoppable Trend

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One of my favorite television series as a child was The Jetsons. Its creators worked to give us their vision of life in 2062 - a full century from the show's debut in 1962. We're halfway there. But many of the gadgets in the show still seem farfetched. First to mind is the folding space car that fits neatly into a briefcase. And how about eating nothing but a pill for dinner? Read On…

Is Japan a One-Trick Pony?

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Japan’s Big Gamble

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A Proven Strategy to Build Immense Wealth

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Growing up with six siblings, I recall our marathon games of Monopoly with mixed feelings. Tensions ran high because our attitude was a bit like the Kennedys' - the difference between second place and last place was nothing at all. Monopoly is a great game for many reasons. One is that it reflects personality traits so well. Read On…

Are Billionaires Smarter Than You?

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Do you have to be a genius to be a billionaire? I certainly hope not. But a recent study by Jonathan Wai of Duke University suggests a strong link between brains and billions. The study says "the top 1% in wealth highly overlaps with the top 1% in brains." Read On…

Which of These Could Make You Richer?

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