Recommended Sites

Recommended Sites

Below is a listing of organizations that the staff of Investment U find quite valuable. Please note that the information provided from the below sources should not be considered as a recommendation or a solicitation from Investment U, nor do we guarantee the accuracy of the information provided.

The Oxford Club - A private, international network of trustworthy and knowledgeable investors and entrepreneurs. - Investment U Course: Dr. Scott Brown walks you through the 6 most profitable stock-market strategies of all time...

"Treasure Corp." is only going to remain unknown for a short time longer. As you've seen, some of the biggest resource companies in the world are already buying up millions and millions of shares. - The Gone Fishin' Portfolio is the perfect antidote to the more complex investment strategy. It's simple and easy to understand. And it works!

Physician’s Money Digest: Financial news, information and planning advice exclusively for physicians.

Oxford Systems Trader uses the supercomputer technology and the brain power of brilliant programmers to generate no-emotion stock recommendations.

The Momentum Alert: A trading service that identifies the fastest growing companies in the market. - The New Frontier Trader is a short-term trading service that takes advantage of the fastest moving stocks in international markets. - Insider Alert: Alex has supercharged one of The Oxford Club's most successful research services with a new formula for success. It's based on three ultra-timely criteria, including a new way to profit from extreme volatility and a signal that Forbes calls "one of our favorite bullish indicators."

The Activist Trader will focus on companies that have been or we believe will be targeted by activist investors. Activist investors use their large stakes in a company to pressure management to make changes that benefit all shareholders.

Peak Energy Strategist: Discover how this top energy sector analyst picks stocks with computer-like accuracy, using an indicator inspired by a NASA tracking algorithm. He’s racked up a 100% perfect win-rate so far…

Asset Strategies International - For the past three decades, Asset Strategies International has helped our clients preserve the purchasing power of their wealth.  We are asset protection specialists who believe the world's oldest money - gold and silver - can help protect and grow your wealth today. We also recommend not keeping all of your wealth in one country, one currency or one investment.  We strive to provide you with the information and the contacts you need to achieve your financial goals. Please subscribe to our free weekly or monthly newsletters or visit our website to learn how ASI can assist you in Keeping What's Yours.

Leadership Management Books: Increase employee engagement through continuous improvement and change management using free leadership articles, inspirational business books and soft skills training., Improve performance and thrive in tough economic times with leadership books, articles, customized workshops and management retreats from Jim Clemmer.

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