Investment Secrets

Investment Secrets

29 Masters’ Secrets I Used to Increase My Net Worth Ten-fold”

by Dr. Steve Sjuggerud

I help over a quarter million readers become smarter investors through my monthly newsletter and through my position as an Advisory Panelist with Investment U.

I enjoy showing other people how to make more money. But I enjoy learning how to make money, too. Fact is, I’ve used the best 29 investment secrets from a select handful of investing masters to increase my personal net worth – not just my returns – by 1,000% in five years.

A few examples…

  • The Most Important Rule of Investing: How a 14-year-old boy beat the Rothschilds on his way to retiring with a $52 million fortune…
  • A Nobel Prize-winning scientist’s simple strategy for increasing your 2005 returns by 90%…
  • How to use “Cook’s Big Secret” in your portfolio to turn every $10,000 invested in 2005 into $56,300.

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Now you can take these 29 stock market secrets and use them to increase your own bottom line-perhaps many times over. In my new report called The Secrets of the Masters – How I Increased My Net Worth Ten-fold, I’ll show you the way, one profitable idea at a time.

These are the top strategies, techniques and recommendations from the investors I trust most on the planet… investors who’ve made money through all markets. In most cases, they put their own money into these investments (99% of Warren Buffett’s family money is in Berkshire Hathaway, for example).

With these investment secrets you’ll invest like… Jeremy Grantham (founder of Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. and manager of $80 billion-plus for institutions and the wealthy)… John Bogle (the father of index-fund investing and inventor of the first index fund on the S&P 500)… And Bill Gross (founder of the PIMCO Total Return Fund (PTTAX), the man with way more assets under management than Warren Buffett himself – $415 billion versus about $60 billion)…

Money-Making Investment Secrets and Truths that

Beat a Lifetime of “Learning the Hard Way”

You’ll also learn how to hunt down safe, 75% average returns for the next 18 months like Richard Russell, father of modern Dow Theory… And how to make 62% returns when the next bull rally hits, like Ned Davis, my favorite analyst… And even how to buy currencies like Chris Weber, who turned a $600 grubstake into over $10 million – just by investing.

These people are masters – and some are friends. While most haven’t been on the cover of Fortune magazine, they’re all “gurus to the gurus.” Their clients include not just myself, but the world’s wealthiest 1%, high-net-worth investors from Monaco to San Francisco.

Famous or not, these masters possess over 480 years of market wisdom combined. More than you could ever acquire in a lifetime of “learning the hard way.” That kind of money-making power can turn $100,000 into a $1 million portfolio… and $500,000 into a substantial $5 million retirement nest egg.

The masters helped me to achieve those kinds of results already. And I’ve put their 29 best money-making ideas into The Secrets of the Masters – How I Increased My Net Worth Ten-fold.

Let me explain…

How My Investing Education REALLY Took

Off Once I Left Wall Street…

I began really hunting for investing knowledge when I entered college at 16. I ultimately completed my Ph.D., with all the study focused on finance. For Wall Street experience, I went on to become a broker, a research department head, and even an institutional trader executing multi-million dollar trades. I’ve also run my own hedge fund, and I recently consulted for another large hedge fund in New York.

The funny thing is, my investing education really took off AFTER I left the Wall Street world! That’s when I decided to throw out the old ideas of what worked – wrong-headed notions like invest with the “experts,” buy low/sell high, and “can’t lose” investments – to find out what really worked. How guys who became rich by their own wits did it.

I’d always read a lot but about 10 years ago, I began reading constantly, starting with the book Market Wizards by Jack Schwager. I knocked on doors, too. Pretty soon, dinner conversations with people like Jim Rogers turned into mining expeditions for investing ideas that work in the real world.

A Tycoon, His Wife – And His Top Investing Secret

Jim ran the Quantum fund with George Soros, and together they built the most successful long-term track record in the history of investing. Their fund returned 399,900%, compounded with dividends reinvested, for investors between 1969 and the year 2000.

A few years ago, I had dinner with Jim (and his beautiful wife, Paige Parker) in New Orleans, and we’ve e-mailed a bit since then.

In The Secrets of the Masters – How I Increased My Net Worth Ten-fold, you can  learn which investment Jim recommends now to protect yourself against the unstable dollar (it’s easy to buy and low risk). Being a former hedge fund manager, he knows something about currencies. Jim’s partner, George Soros, made $1 billion in one day by shorting the British pound in 1992.

Jim’s isn’t the only investment secret you’ll find in the report. Here are some more…

  • How to buy into the “Secret Commodity” with an NYSE-traded stock – it beats inflation by 3.3% a year and has beaten stocks for the past 100 years, with less volatility.

  • The best protection against the dollar’s collapse is building your own mini-portfolio of hot foreign currencies. Here’s how to do it in a half-hour, with less risk than you’d take holding cash.

  • The deficit in dollar bills laid end to end would stretch over 700,791,612.72 miles; about seven times back and forth from the Earth to the Sun. You need to protect yourself from inflation NOW, says Bill Gross. And the man with $415 billion under management reveals his favorite investment secret for doing so.

  • When the market is shaky, high-quality dividend-paying stocks are your best bet. Wharton wizard Jeremy Siegel reveals how you can get the top 50 dividend stocks in one trade.

  • Multimillionaire Paul Tudor Jones, who I first read about in Market Wizards, rejected Harvard for the trading pits. Now he reveals his secret for turning $10,000 into over $9 million, and sooner than you might think.

  • How a talk with Mom at the kitchen table helped Mark Cook develop the Self-Evaluation Investing Method, which he used to turn $55,000 in the markets into over $750,000 in five years.

  • Every investor lives “Three Lives” – that of his parents, himself and his children, says legendary financier Leon Levy. Here’s how you can combine your “Three Lives” to overcome the #1 psychological obstacle all traders face: the Caribou Factor.

In all, there are 29 stock market secrets of the masters in this report. Some of them include exclusive picks, along with strategies and techniques for maximizing gains through the tough market we’re in now. The newsletter writers in this report charge between $160 to over $2,000 per year for their ideas… The legends charge MILLIONS.

But since you’re a current Investment U E-letter subscriber, we’re offering The Secrets of the Masters – How I Increased My Net Worth Ten-fold at just $39.95. That’s $10 off the $49.95 everyone else will have to pay for the report

For 480 years worth of proven investing wisdom, I’d say that’s pretty cheap. (Less than the price of a couple full-service stock trades, in fact.)

As I said before, a lot of folks get my advice through Investment U and True Wealth – so whose advice do I follow? I follow the masters in this report. They’ve helped me turn every $1,000 invested into $10,000 in just five years, through one of the toughest markets in generations. Now you can take these secrets and perhaps achieve similar results with your investing, just click here.

Great Investing,

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud

Advisory Panelist, Investment U

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