Lee Lowell: How To Make Money In Any Market

by Karim Rahemtulla

Lee Lowell: How To Make Money In Any Market

By Karim Rahemtulla, Options Expert

Wednesday, August 1, 2007: Issue #443

Can you really make money in any kind of market? Most investors look at that question and think, "Yeah, right." Or they just laugh it off as another marketing ploy.

Yet there's one person that can show you how to do exactly that. And that person is Lee Lowell...

Right now, many economists are predicting that the credit crunch will warp into a worldwide meltdown, sucking stock prices down with it, and crushing portfolios from Maine to Mumbai. It could even postpone retirement for the 8,000 Baby Boomers a day who are checking out of the workforce to live on the beach.

And here's the best part. I'm not talking about buying put options or executing risky short sell positions. I'm talking about one investment strategy that, without direct knowledge of how exchanges like the NYMEX work, is completely market neutral. And I'm going to show you how to profit from it...

Lee Lowell: The Best Way To Find Out How The Market Works

The key to these investing profits is fairly simple: There's only one strategy that makes money from HOW the market works, NOT what it does... Yet, until I met Lee Lowell, I didn't think this was possible.

Lee Lowell is someone who knows the inner workings of the exchange better than just about anyone and can show you how to scoop embarrassingly large profits from exactly that: The inner workings of the exchange itself.

That's because he spent six years working there on the trading floor itself as a market maker. Lee was one of a few guys who actually set the prices for the world's major commodities like oil and natural gas - and who still has direct connections to the trading pits.

That's a pretty rich source of knowledge and information. Certainly better than what millions of individual investors rely on every day. Better than approximately 8,500 active hedge funds. Better than thousands of economists, analysts and financial advisors across the U.S. And much better than the bland, "one-size-fits-all" commentary in the media. Because this hard-fought wisdom comes direct from the trading floor and gives you a crucial edge...

The Market's In Trouble... Here's Your Escape Route

Let's face it... right now, most investors don't know which way to turn. They've endured market hell over the past few days.

  • Just yesterday, a hedge fund run by a former endowment manager at Harvard buckled under the pressure.
  • The wheels on the private equity bus have fallen off, with Blackstone and Fortress both trading at 52-week lows.
  • The real estate markets woes continue: Prices of single-family homes dropped for the 18th straight month in May. Foreclosure filings leapt 58% over the first half of 2007 and could pass 2 million by the end of the year. And the subprime mess claimed its latest victim today, with American Home Mortgage (NYSE: AHM) shares crushed by 90% today (trading was even suspended at one point).

So how do you make money when you rely on the market, but really can't trust it? You ignore it.

Yes, you read that right. For decades, Lee Lowell has used a strategy that does not rely on the whims of the marketplace or individual investors. Instead, he's developed a precision-guided strategy that makes money from HOW the market works, not WHAT it does. And it's this subtle difference that puts him a cut above most traders.

Let me tell you why...

Hitch A Ride On The 83% Wagon

Imagine if you were out of pocket by $20,000 before you even placed your first trade. That chunk of cash could pay for a new car, or your child's college tuition for a year. But at the NYMEX, that's what it costs today just to set up shop for one month. The price of making money in any market. And while Lee Lowell was there, he saw them all - bullish, bearish, flat, you name it.

However, you quickly learn to either adapt to the market's rules, or collapse. Lee had to make money to survive and thrive in any market - and he did. So while $20,000 might seem like a heck of a lot of cash for most people, it's nothing for him. In fact, he can recoup that - and more - by the time he's on his second cup of coffee.

His system is so efficient and so profitable that it now boasts one of the best track records in the business, bar none. Here's just a sample of the results:

Over the last 10 months, Lee's service has racked up an impressive 83% win rate, with cumulative gains totaling 635%.

Total losses over that time? A measly three (hey, nobody is perfect!) But results like this are nothing short of what you would expect from a trader who cut his teeth in the "make or break" pits at the NYMEX - a place where secret strategies are devised and fortunes are created. This is the pinnacle of high finance, high anxiety - and high success.

How successful? After his six years at the exchange, Lee moved himself and his family to Hawaii.

So what's the secret? How does Lee Lowell do it? How does he win so often that he can guarantee, in writing, that he will win 80% of the time?


Get In The "Triple Zone" With Lee Lowell

Lee Lowell uses a strategy that allows his readers to know what the risk is on every trade. There are no open-ended results. They know going in exactly how much they can make and how much they have at risk. And like a master trader, he follows every pick like he did for his firm in the NYMEX pits.

But here's the kicker: Lee often isn't concerned with where the price of an investment is going to go, he is concerned with where it is not going to go. And using his probability calculator, Lee can figure out - with over 80% accuracy - where something will not go.

Then, using his expert judgment, honed and perfected by years in the pits, he knows how to increase his odds of winning even further on simple-to-execute investments.

Think about it... if you can figure out where something won't go, then you can clean up in any market. It's like having a money machine in your back pocket.

When Lee Lowell first joined the team, I knew he was good. But as the saying goes: "I'm from Missouri...show me." He has.

And now he's going to show you, too, bringing his unparalleled expertise to his exclusive trading service. I urge you to check it out.

Good investing,

Karim Rahemtulla

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