Our Experts Trounced the S&P 500

by Donna Divenuto-Ball, Managing Editor, The Oxford Club

This March, The Oxford Club hosted its 20th Annual Investment U Conference at the Four Seasons in Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you're not familiar with it, it's an exclusive meeting where the Club's investment experts share their biggest moneymaking strategies and recommendations with attendees.

This year's conference theme was "The Art of Intelligent Speculation." (To steal a line from Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green, "What better place to hold this event than in the land of unintelligent speculation?")

For many, the term "speculation" may immediately conjure thoughts of the California gold rush, mortgage-backed derivatives or even cryptocurrency investing.

In other words... high-risk, high-reward gambles.

But speculation - as defined by the Club's investment experts - means calculated decision making that maximizes profits and minimizes risk.

And calculating is what they're good at...

So good, that of the 63 recommendations they made at the 2017 conference, attendees saw a whopping 94% success rate. That's right, 59 of the 63 stock picks were winners!

And as you can see from today's chart, the Investment U Conference picks from 2016 outperformed the broader market by nearly 90% over the following 12-month period.

In fact, of the 52 recommendations made that year, 40 double- and triple- digit winning plays were revealed - all of which shot up an average of 53.4% in just a few short months...

During those same months, the S&P 500 was up only a mere 4.5%.

In his keynote address this year, Alex suggested we're facing a "Goldilocks economy" - one that's not too hot and not too cold.

The bull market has aged, company valuations are high, the Fed is raising interest rates and good news is mostly already baked into share prices.

So how do you intelligently speculate in today's market?

Alex says invest in ten-baggers. The term - originally coined by legendary Magellan Fund manager Peter Lynch - describes companies poised to rise tenfold or more based on a number of determining factors. In Vegas, Alex shared the stocks he believes are destined for a breakout year.

ETF Strategist Nicholas Vardy insists that with ETFs, the structure and performance of your portfolio is limited only by your imagination. Because ETFs can be structured around any asset class, theme or investment strategy, Nicholas challenged conference attendees to think beyond basic index-tracking funds and build portfolios with greater creativity.

Emerging Trends Strategist Matthew Carr and Early Investing Co-Founder Adam Sharp look to the hottest sectors posing once-in-a-generation opportunities for real wealth building. Right now, those sectors are cannabis and, yes, crypto. And during the conference, attendees just couldn't get enough (information, that is).

All told, the ideas discussed at the 2018 Investment U Conference could add an extra $1 million to your wealth in just this year alone.

Wish you had been there? We do too!

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