This Is the Best Place to Buy Bitcoin

by Vin Narayanan

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“Follow the money” is an old adage in journalism. (It was memorialized in the movie All the President’s Men). It’s a useful saying for investors too.

In this week’s chart, we follow the money to see which bitcoin exchanges Americans (or U.S. dollar holders) are trading on.

So why is this chart important? Let’s follow the money...

The first thing to notice is the exchanges Americans are using to buy and trade bitcoin. That’s useful information. Remember the chart reflects only U.S. dollars being traded as bitcoin. It doesn’t reflect the yen (Japan), won (South Korea), euro (European Union) or other currencies being traded as bitcoin. That chart would look quite different.

At Early Investing, we’re fans of Coinbase. But as you can see, there are other exchanges out there that do plenty of business.

The second thing this chart does is approximate overall market activity. We should note that the data in this chart is just a snapshot from May 23, 2018. That Wednesday was a pretty busy day. If you had looked at this chart on Friday, May 25, you would have seen that the highest 24-hour trading volume was $182.7 million - a much quieter day.

Finally, the chart helps measure the volume of trading activity on an exchange, which is an important factor in price volatility. Bitcoin is already volatile enough as it is. But the more trades that are happening on an exchange, the more you can believe those price gains (or losses) are real.

And in the cryptocurrency world, all you can do is ask for real!

Good investing,

Vin Narayanan

Senior Managing Editor, Early Investing

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