Trump’s Plan to Oust Big Government From Our Roads and Bridges

by Andy Snyder
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What’s the role of the government? Should it merely defend us... or feed us, too?

It’s a question we’ve been pondering with our Manward Digest readers of late.

Earlier today, in fact, I sent them the same words that follow.

Because, once again, the president is forced to defend himself for wanting to drain the swamp... to cut the size of bureaucracy that craves to rule us.

You see, we just learned a nonprofit group named Food & Water Watch is suing him over his “secret” infrastructure council.

The lawsuit claims a panel of recent Trump appointees has been meeting behind closed doors to discuss how to best rebuild America’s roads, bridges and ports.

Oh boy... here we go. A tirade. We just can’t stop ourselves.

But this sort of nonsense is exactly why America has fallen behind the rest of the world!

The fact that a group of folks can’t privately meet without some partisan nanny-staters suing is flat-out ridiculous.

It’s dumb. It’s childish. And it’s hurting all of us.

It must stop.

We must keep politics from ruining our nation.

Shrinking Big Government

Here’s the deal. Most readers have not heard what’s happening with Trump’s infrastructure plan. That’s because the media is too busy selling ad spots by leading the nation down dead-end streets.

Meanwhile... there are folks actually trying to run and fix our nation.

Again, you probably didn’t hear the news but, shortly after taking office, Trump appointed billionaire developers Richard LeFrak and Steven Roth to lead a council of industry get-it-doners.

Their mission is to oversee Trump’s massive $1 trillion proposal to rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure.

I’ve been studying the plan and this team’s moves for months.

They’ve got some strong ideas and viewpoints... many of which won’t just help the country’s roads and bridges, but will also significantly boost our economy by putting paychecks in the hands of American workers and investors.

Both men in charge of the council have been vocal about a topic we’ve also been quite vocal about... Big Government.

They ask why the government needs to own and control so much of the nation’s infrastructure.

They’re eager to point out that London’s privately owned Heathrow Airport is far better run than state-run LaGuardia. And they’re eager to tell voters that other countries are building three, four and five new airports each year... while we can barely get through the permitting process for one in five years.

Perhaps what’s craziest about the plans we’ve uncovered is that these men don’t expect the government to pay for America’s great rebuild.

No, they plan to turn to the private sector... and they’ve already got the money lined up.

Income Opportunity

Investors are piling in, wanting to own a stake in what, in Roth’s words, is “the highest-quality asset in arguably the best country.”

And yet... this world-class council’s first big appearance won’t be amongst high school bands and flag-waving bystanders at the ribbon-cutting for a bridge opening.

Nope. Its members will waste their time and our money needlessly defending themselves in front of a judge - all in the name of politics.

This nonsense must stop.

“Political courage is needed right now,” LeFrak recently said.

Amen. More than ever.

We say keep the council out of the media’s tainted spotlight. Let these experts meet behind closed doors.

Washington’s keepers had their chance to rebuild America.

Now it’s somebody else’s turn.

Let the private sector do the job. Not only will we get new roads... we’ll get new millionaires.

Be well,


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