Oxford Club Radio: James Altucher on How to Reinvent Yourself

by Investment U Research Team

This week on Oxford Club Radio, Marc interviews James Altucher. He’s an entrepreneur, financial commentator and media personality. He’s also an author who is currently promoting his upcoming book, Reinvent Yourself. In the clip below, they discuss the new book and the importance of celebrating failure.

Marc starts by asking Altucher what inspired him to publish his stories and advice. Altucher explains that he has been involved in many ventures. He worked at HBO for a time, was a financial commentator at TheStreet, started several businesses, and runs a podcast, The James Altucher Show.

Most of these ventures ended in failure, which Altucher considers constructive. Part of the reason why he wrote Reinvent Yourself was to help people learn to accept failure. Rather than going the self-help-book route, he wanted to present his advice as autobiography.

In Altucher’s view, people are programmed to be afraid that admitting failure will cause them to lose status. This starts at an early age. He points out that today’s students are shamed by teachers for sub-par grades, rather than being encouraged to improve.

His new book lays out a more constructive mindset around failure. Altucher feels that we are in a constant state of reinventing ourselves. His belief has been strengthened by his many interviews with successful people. His podcast has had a diverse assortment of guests - from Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel to rapper Coolio.

Marc then asks Altucher for his favorite interview story. But to hear that, you’ll have to listen to the full episode.

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