The "Slap in the Face" Award: Obama’s World Is Crumbling

Steve McDonald
by Steve McDonald

The cheek smacker this week goes to the president and the EPA - and it doesn’t even come from me. It is from one of Obama’s law school professors, who really slammed him and the EPA this past week.

The Harvard Law professor’s name is Laurence Tribe, and he joined Peabody Energy in describing both Obama’s and the EPA’s efforts to shut down the coal business as an overreach of authority and a violation of three amendments to the constitution, including the separation of powers.

Tribe did not mince words in his statement to the press when he said that neither the president nor the EPA has the authority to regulate emissions from existing power plants, and a speech by the president does not give him the right to claim that authority.

That’s a zinger!

And that is coming from a guy who has been described as a liberal icon. Tribe is not a mouthpiece for the coal industry or some closet, nutso ultraconservative. This is the real deal: a liberal Harvard law professor.

It’s one thing for me to criticize the president for repeatedly overreaching his legal authority, but when it comes from a liberal icon, man, is Obama’s world crumbling in a hurry.

Tribe called this action by Obama a shift in policy that upsets settled, investment-backed expectations, with no attempt by EPA to quantify the climate or environmental benefits. None!

If I said that, I would have 200 emails from the Obama fans out there telling me to stick to bonds and stay out of politics. So, listen up. You may never hear me say this again to a liberal. Thanks, professor, for your efforts, but you’re six years late.

I couldn’t be too nice to him.

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