A Chat With Howard Lindzon, CEO of the Largest Social Network for Investors

Alexander Moschina
by Alexander Moschina, Managing Editor, Investment U

If you spend as much time researching stocks online as you do trading them, you’ve probably heard of StockTwits. It’s the largest social network for investors, and it offers a real-time look at what more than 300,000 people - including both Wall Street professionals and retail investors - are saying throughout the trading day.

Naturally, Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld is a fan of the site. So he invited StockTwits founder and CEO Howard Lindzon to join him as a guest on Oxford Club Radio (Marc’s weekly podcast). You can listen to the interview above. And if you enjoy the show, be sure to subscribe at http://oxfordclubradio.com (or search for Marc Lichtenfeld’s Oxford Club Radio on iTunes or Stitcher).

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