A Huge Breakthrough in Alzheimer's Research?

Steve McDonald
by Steve McDonald, Bond Strategist, The Oxford Club


In focus this week; Target is really hot for the Christmas season, an outsider may have really good news about Alzheimer’s and the sitfa

Target announced they will have another special designer series of products for the Christmas season, at their famous non designer prices.

The news has analysts very excited. JP Morgan says this campaign alone will make them outperform the market.

The reason for all this optimism is the joining Neiman Marcus, better known as needless mark up, with Target to offer 50 items by big name designers. I only recognize one, but I’m sure my girlfriend knows them all.

Judith Lieber, Marc Jacobs and Oscar De la Renta products will be at Target for a limited time at Target’s famous low prices, well below what you’ll pay at Niemen’s.

If the last special low cost designer series is any indication of what to expect every item will be gone is less than one day, that’s includes both the online and in store inventory. This will be something to watch!

JP Morgan’s Christopher Horvers, has a target of $76 from its current $63. $13, that’s a big move.

This may not seem like much to those of us who shop only when absolutely necessary, but the last time they had a special designer series my girlfriend spent days shopping in the stores and on line trying to buy anything. We almost ended up with a plaid bicycle.

Her summary of this offering, “Judith Lieber has fabulous bags. I’m going to call my cousin”

That’s good enough for me. Buy Target!

Next up, Alzheimer’s, some good news may be on the horizon.

Tau, a protein that forms in the brain, that one scientist has insisted for years is the real cause of Alzheimer’s, may finally be getting the attention both it and the disease desperately need.

Virtually all research into the disease has focused on a protein called Beta Amyloid. But repeatedly the clinical results have disappointed and numerous studies have shown that even when a drug dissolved the beta amylin protein that forms as tangles in the brain; there has been no improvement in the condition of the patient.

In clinical studies Tau treatment has shown an 87% improvement in the decline of a patient’s function. That’s a stunning result that has attracted the attention of Roche and JNJ.

TauRx, a Singapore company that is conducting the only large scale human testing on the Tau protien is in phase three clinical trials and the eyes of the world are on it.

If this works as well in the large scale human testing as in previous testing this could be as big as a cure for polio.

TauRx, Roche and JNJ, you have to pay attention to this one.

And now, the real reason you watch this segment, the sitfa.

Twenty states now have petitions to secede from the union! Huh? Texas is one of them.

What will we have the United States of the Uninformed?

Leave the US, come on!

Here’s what these hot heads need to do.

Take some money out of savings. Buy a ticket to any other country in the world.

Live there for a year. You’ll beg to come back even with Obama as President.

In fact most of the residents of other countries would beg to come back with you.

Do I agree with anything Obama has done in the past four years? No! He’s an ideologue when what we need is a practical leader, he is neither, practical or a leader.

I still can’t believe anyone voted for him the first time, but secede?

That is the ultimate slap in the face! Dumb, just plain dumb!

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