How to Profit from the Russian Import Ban

by Rebecca Baldridge

In response to U.S. and European sanctions, Russian president Vladimir Putin banned the import of certain food products from the U.S., EU, Canada, Australia and Norway. Russia plays a big role in the global economy. So what will this mean for investors? The answer lies in allocations to international and emerging market equities.

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Just In New Ways to Invest in Your Child

by Tom Sandford

According to a study released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, it costs about $245,340 for the average American family to raise a child to age 18. That’s an increase of more than 2%, or about $4,000, over last year. Sounds like a great way to go broke, right? Not so. All that kiddie cash is destined for a handful of child-oriented companies. Here are the ones you should know about.

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Must Read Don’t Believe the Bears

by Mark Skousen

During my 40 years in the investment business, I’ve seen pretty much everything - bull and bear markets, boom and bust, inflation and deflation, crises and crashes. The one lesson I’ve learned is to avoid being bearish for too long.

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Plus Here's What This Top Money Manager Thinks You Should Buy Now

by Alexander Green

When the markets start to get tricky, I often call up my old friend and former Wall Street colleague Rick Pfeifer for a chat. With almost 30 years' experience as a researcher and money manager, much of his success is due to his global perspective, a decidedly contrarian bent and an unconventional point of view. Here are just a few of his thoughts from an interview this week. Read On…

Chart of the Week: These Numbers Stunned Me

by Christopher Rowe

I wasn’t surprised when the S&P 500 showed the biggest return in 2013 since 1997. Nor am I surprised that the Nasdaq Composite is reaching new highs this year. But I was floored by how few investors seem to be aware that any of this is even happening. Read On…

Plus The Fix Is In on Silver

by Sean Brodrick

The silver fix has been in place for about a century. But as of last Thursday, the price of silver is set by a new electronic system. Participants enter electronic orders at a proposed starting price tracked by CME Group, which owns the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, as well as CBOT, NYMEX and others. Read On…

Plus Make Sure Your Upside Is Worth the Risk

by Marc Lichtenfeld

It occurred to me that many investors do the same thing as the losing fighter. They take on too much risk and take a beating despite the lack of a huge reward. They'll buy a stock, ride it all the way down and lose a ton of money. Or if the stock goes higher instead, they take profits too soon. Here are two strategies to ensure your investing or trading behavior doesn't mirror the beat-up boxer. Read On…

How to Use an Iron Condor to Profit

by David Becker

What if you want to take a position in a stock, but instead of profiting if the stock price moves higher or lower, you want to earn a return if the stock stays in a specific range. The iron condor combines two separate options strategies to form one powerful trading technique. Read On…

Plus How to Play the World's Geopolitical Crises

by Alexander Green

Pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV and it seems like the world is going up in flames. As a global investor, how should you react to unsettling events? You shouldn't. This is a considered answer, not a flip one. Let's take a dispassionate look at the history of the stock market... Read On…

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