VIDEO The Editors Roundtable - August 2014

by Steve McDonald

Every month, The Oxford Club's editors get together to discuss what trends they expect to see in the upcoming month. And this month, they're at it again. The debate: Can you trade geopolitical upheaval?

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IU Stock Grader Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD) Down 12% on Cautious Full-Year Outlook

by Ryan Fitzwater

Buffalo Wild Wings (Nasdaq: BWLD) gave plenty of positive news after the closing bell yesterday when the company announced second quarter results. But the updated full-year guidance left Wall Street with a bad taste in its mouth, sending shares down over 12% this morning. Let’s see how Buffalo Wild Wings performs on our Investment U Fundamental Factor Test.

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With Harley-Davidson Back in the Saddle, Investors Are in for a Ride

by Tom Sandford

Harley-Davidson (NYSE: HOG) is good enough for Captain America. Shouldn’t it be for investors, as well? Harley-Davidson’s stock has taken some sharp curves from a taper in demand, falling analyst predictions and rising revenue. While the market continues to shift, here’s what you need to know about investing in Harley-Davidson.

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Technical Tuesday: We're Near the Bottom on Interest Rates

by Christopher Rowe

On July 23, 2012, the 10-year Treasury yield hit a record low of 1.395% and within a month was at 1.86%. A year later it was at 2.73%. On May 1, 2013, the 10-year yield was at 1.61% and just four months later it had nearly doubled to 2.98%. Today, interest rates are low - the 10-year is now down to 2.48% - and have a good chance of declining further. But when rates eventually do head higher, they can spike quickly. Read On…

Social Media and Small Cap Biotech Drop Dead

by Tom Sandford

Should investors split? Janet Yellen, the chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, thinks so. Stocks dove slightly after Yellen’s bold July 15 statement that both industries seemed “substantially stretched.” The words were subtly included in the Fed’s Monetary Policy Report, but had an instant negative effect on the market. Read On…

Netflix Hits a New Benchmark & GM Hits the Brakes

by Alexander Moschina

Bonjour and welcome back to Investment U #Trending. I’m still reeling from all the information I took in at The Oxford Club’s Private Wealth Seminar in Quebec (be sure to check out my summaries of day one and day two of the conference), but I’ll do my best to form complete, intelligible sentences. It was a big week for tech, with mostly positive news from the sector’s heavy hitters. Let’s dive in… Read On…

The Man Who Built a Castle in the Clouds

by Sean Brodrick

This is a rags-to-riches story, the kind you can find only in America. The beautiful thing about America is that it really is a land of opportunity for immigrants. That's why everyone wants to move to the U.S. They dream that they and their children can experience the same kind of success as Thomas Gustave Plant, the builder of the Castle in the Clouds. Read On…

Covered Calls Enhance Income

by David Becker

As stocks continue to rise in 2014, it is getting more difficult for income investors to find quality stocks that provide robust dividend yields. One way to supplement income is to use a covered calls options strategy. Read On…

A Roller Coaster Summer for Amusement Park Investors

by Rachel Gearhart

According to Trip Advisor, the average family spends up to $1000 per amusement park visit. And, according to IBISWorld’s Amusement Parks market research report, that adds up to $15 billion in revenue for the amusement park industry. So how can you and your portfolio get in on this summer’s hottest (and profitable) attractions? Read On…

Why You Need an Investment System - Part 2

by Alexander Green

In my last column - and at The Oxford Club's Private Wealth Seminar in Quebec City this week - I made the case that every investor should run his money using a proven investment system. If you don't, you're just flying by the seat of your pants. And that isn't likely to deliver market-beating results. A complete investment system should cover these six foundations: Read On…

Why You Need an Investment System

by Alexander Green

At The Oxford Club's Private Wealth Seminar at The Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac in Quebec this week, I suggested that what every investor should really seek first and foremost is an all-encompassing investment system, one that will generate above-average returns in the good times and protect their hard-earned capital when things go off the rails, as they inevitably do from time to time. Why is this so important? Let me go back to the beginning... Read On…

Are Treasurys About to Spike?

by Christopher Rowe

It pays to stay diversified among many asset classes, including bonds. Today, I'm seeing signs of U.S. Treasurys strengthening relative to corporate bonds (and probably in absolute terms as well). We can find out which one is likely to outperform the other by looking at a relative strength chart of two ETFs. Read On…

Microsoft’s Painful (but Profitable) Restructuring

by Tom Sandford

Sadly, investors aren’t the only victims of Wall Street. On July 17, Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) CEO Satya Nadella announced 18,000 layoffs in a bid to make the company more competitive. Even with the news of deep job cuts, Microsoft’s shares jumped. In fact, shares are up 19% year to date. But why? Aren’t layoffs a bad omen? Read On…

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