Market Trends Now that Ted Cruz has announced his candidacy, the 2016 presidential race has officially begun. Also underway? An 87-year-old S&P trend that investors shouldn’t ignore...

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What Stock Market Bears Don’t Understand Plus

by Alexander Green

U.S. household net worth and corporate profits wouldn’t be hitting new highs if our economy was worsening. And yet the stock market bears are still out in full force...

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3 Dividend-Paying Resource Stocks You Should Buy Now Plus

by Sean Brodrick

It’s easy to write off resource stocks right now. But these companies pay dividends so fat you may just change your mind.

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For Investors, This Is the True Color of Opportunity Plus

by Matthew Carr

At the end of last week, the Dow shed more than 270 points, sparking fear in many investors. But that’s the complete wrong way to look at this situation.

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