7 Deadliest (and Most Profitable) Sin Stocks of 2014 - Part 1

by Karen Canella

Depending on your beliefs, committing one of the seven deadly sins may land you in the deep, dark throes of hell. As bad as that all sounds, companies that cater to "sinful" behaviors do quite well, as do investors who put their money on human nature and the difficulties of breaking bad habits.

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Spring Greening: The Top Three Green Cleaners of 2014

by Tom Sandford

According to a survey conducted by The Harris Poll this month, at least 31% of Americans say they are environmentally conscious and 28% feel personal responsibility for taking care of the environment. To germinate your potential for payoff, consider our top green cleaning stocks:

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This Is What You Should Worry About

by Marc Lichtenfeld

It feels like the market is more volatile than a hormonal teenager operating on three hours of sleep. And it’s not entirely without reason. There are some serious issues facing the bull market.

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The "Investment" That's Bought, Not Sold

by Alexander Green

I could have spent last Thursday doing something - anything - else. But I was committed to a conference call where I was supposed to challenge an insurance agent about the investment benefits of whole life insurance. Before you stifle that yawn and click off, listen up. Read On…

From the Mailbag: Big Trouble for This Gold Miner

by Sean Brodrick

I have stayed away from Allied Nevada for quite some time. The company has a market cap of $414 million. It currently operates only one mine. By some metrics, like price-to-book value, this stock looks cheap. But it's also going through the legal wringer of a class action lawsuit. Read On…

Technical Tuesday: The Forecast Is Darkening

by Christopher Rowe

Focusing on sector activity can be a great way to outperform the stock market. We can simply identify the leading sectors and invest in those sectors until they are no longer the leaders. But sector activity can also be a great indicator of how strong the general stock market is. Read On…

Why Entitlement Reform Is Inevitable

by Alexander Green

This five-year bull market will continue for a while... or it may soon peter out. (Flip a coin.) Every bull market is followed by a bear market. Just as every bear eventually turns back into a bull. This is the normal course of events and investors are wise to prepare for both in advance. That means now is a good time for a reality check: Read On…

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