How to Use an Iron Condor to Profit

by David Becker

What if you want to take a position in a stock, but instead of profiting if the stock price moves higher or lower, you want to earn a return if the stock stays in a specific range. The iron condor combines two separate options strategies to form one powerful trading technique.

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Chart of the Week: Is Wealthier Really Heathier?

by Christopher Rowe

Regardless of mid-career income, it’s safe to say that as technology and medicine continue to make great advancements, men and women are generally seeing longer life expectancies. That said, the increasing gap between the average life expectancy of the top 10% and bottom 10% of income earners is a good reason for concern.

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Sci Fi or Reality? Making Gasoline Out of Natural Gas

by Rachel Gearhart

The price of crude oil accounts for 80% of the average retail price per gallon of gasoline. Right now, the oil it takes to make gasoline costs around $100 a barrel. Natural gas sells for $20 a barrel. And, it’s two to six times more abundant than oil. That’s why Siluria Technologies, a Silicon Valley startup, recently raised $63.5 million in private funding.

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Plus How to Play the World's Geopolitical Crises

by Alexander Green

Pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV and it seems like the world is going up in flames. As a global investor, how should you react to unsettling events? You shouldn't. This is a considered answer, not a flip one. Let's take a dispassionate look at the history of the stock market... Read On…

Must Read Could Kinder Morgan’s Corporate Makeover Be the Death of MLPs?

by Rachel Gearhart

On Sunday, Kinder Morgan Inc. (NYSE: KMI) announced that it will consolidate its four pipeline companies into one. The $44 billion plan involves abandoning the master limited partnership (MLP) structure that Kinder Morgan helped popularize for energy companies. So, with the news of the trendsetter’s restructuring and the government’s tightening of the reins on MLPs, will other companies consolidate too? Is this the death of MLPs? Read On…

Plus Cross Your Fingers

by Sean Brodrick

Among the words you never want to hear as the plane you're riding in comes in for a landing is "cross your fingers." But that's exactly what the helpful flight attendant told us today as our Boeing 737-400 descended into a fog bank over Deadhorse, Alaska. Read On…

Plus Where I Keep My Cash

by Marc Lichtenfeld

The problem for most investors is that cash pays nothing. I remember the days of getting 4% for keeping money in the bank. These days you're lucky to get 1/100th of that. Seriously. My brokerage account money market pays 0.01%. Read On…

Plus Technical Tuesday: How to Use Moving Averages

by Christopher Rowe

Even companies with strong fundamentals will see their stock prices fluctuate, sometimes dramatically. And there are few things more disappointing than seeing a big loss on a high quality position. One way to increase the odds of entering your trade before a big advance is to use the stock's moving averages. Read On…

Box Office Sales (and Your Portfolio) Are in Need of a Heroine

by Tom Sandford

No matter what you choose to call it, this year’s summer box office results show that the movie industry has a slight case of superhero fatigue. As of August 7, box office returns in the $10.9 billion industry were down 17.9% from last year. Before you blow your popcorn money on shaky stock info, here’s a quick guide to what’s happening behind the curtain. Read On…

Plus Beware of Bubble Talk

by Marc Lichtenfeld

Some people think that things are getting a bit frothy in the tech world. Articles are popping up all over the mainstream media speculating about the "new tech bubble," and fretting about when it might "burst." And in some ways, the concern is understandable. Read On…

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