Steve McDonald

Bond Strategist

 Steve McDonald is the Editor of the Oxford Bond Advantage. He is also the host of The Oxford Club’s Market Wake-Up Call and the Investment U Weekly Update videos. Prior to joining Agora, on an annual basis, Steve led 30 to 40 investment-focused workshops for conservative/retired investors each year – experience that lands him a spot as a regular speaker at many Club and Investment U conferences and seminars.

Steve has worked as a professional broker and has been an active trader of bonds for more than two decades, specializing in ultra-short maturity corporate bonds. Before entering the investment industry, Steve was a Naval Aviator, flying fixed and rotary-winged aircraft, and also served as a Surface Warfare Officer.

Article Archive

Fear Is Good

by Steve McDonald

  • A 30% Gain From Chesapeake Energy?
  • Jittery Money Managers Are Good News for Stocks
  • The Incredibly-Stupid-Laws “Slap in the Face” Award
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Paper Lion

by Steve McDonald

  • The Paper Giant Is Soaring
  • Bigger, Cheaper Chinese Phones Are Coming
  • The “Slap in the Face” Award: Draft Dodging
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The Editors Roundtable - July 2014

by Steve McDonald

Every month, The Oxford Club's editors get together to discuss what trends they expect to see in the upcoming month. And this month, they're at it again. The debate: Should you invest outside the U.S.? If so, where? Read On…