Sean Brodrick

Resource Strategist

Sean Brodrick is the Resource Strategist of The Oxford Club. He is Editor of Oxford Resource Explorer and Gold & Resource Profit Hunter and a Contributing Editor to Energy & Resources Digest. We consider Sean the “Indiana Jones” of natural resources. He’s a sharp analyst with intense “boots on the ground” experience. He’s traveled from diamond fields north of the Arctic Circle to an ancient city of silver (and mummies) in Mexico to a gold project on the frigid southern tip of Argentina - and just about everywhere in between. As an experienced technical analyst, Sean has gathered accolades from investors and even top industry insiders for his expertise at spotting unique chart patterns.

And Sean’s best-selling book, The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide: The Smartest Money Moves to Prepare for Any Crisis, helps readers prepare for all sorts of physical and economic crises.

Getting to Know Sean

Tell us a little about your background.

I was a natural resource analyst for Weiss Research in Jupiter, FL. I’d worked for Weiss for a few years, then left to become investment director of The Sovereign Society. Weiss lured me back by saying: “You can do whatever you want.” What I wanted to do was cover the small-cap Canadian mining and energy industry, which was then hitting its stride.

And it’s certainly an interesting line of work. I’ve been to a diamond camp far north in the Arctic Circle, and was there when they discovered a new kimberlite reef, which was very exciting – kimberlite is a host rock for diamonds. I’ve been so far south in Argentina that penguins were running around at my feet. It was there that I saw veins of silver ore as thick as your thumb, and plenty of gold, too.

I love what I do, which is to seek out undiscovered or underappreciated natural resource companies. And there’s a lot of wealth that remains to be discovered.

How would you describe your investment philosophy?

I like hard assets. I like things that are real. There are more than a billion people in China who have never owned a toaster – never mind a refrigerator, dishwasher, car or air conditioner. They’re eager to join the middle class, to live and eat and drive like Americans. And to do that, they’re going to need a heck of a lot of stuff.

There are hundreds of millions more upwardly mobile people in India and other emerging markets, too. And one thing they have in common, besides a desire for the American lifestyle, is an appreciation for real money – gold and silver.

I like buying things when they’re cheap – and gold and silver are cheap now.

I believe a lot of what the central governments of the world do is smoke and mirrors – printing currency to cover up the mistakes and shortfalls of the idiots in charge. While I’m bullish on the global economy generally, I think we’ll see short-term panics as one blunder after another becomes too big to ignore. That’s going to put the shine on precious metals. I buy physical gold and silver, and I think other people should, too. And since miners are leveraged to the metal, why not buy them, too?

As for energy companies – it’s funny, but more than a hundred years after the industrial revolution, we still haven’t come up with a good, clean, cheap substitute for oil. The good news is that new technology is going to turn North America into an energy powerhouse for the 21st century. I want to ride that wave.

What should readers expect from you in the future?

I had great success at Weiss covering small-cap natural resource stocks, beating my benchmarks and the S&P 500. Why mess with a recipe for success? I also like natural resource stocks that pay big, fat dividends – I like stocks that pay you to hold on to them and are riding big megatrends – so I’ll probably give Members my best picks of those companies as well.

Beyond that, there’s always a bull market somewhere. I aim to help people find it and make the most of it.

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