Matthew Carr

Emerging Trends Strategist

Matthew Carr is the Editor of Emerging Trends Trader and is a contributor to The Oxford Communiqué and Investment U. He also writes a weekly column in Oxford Insight. As the Club’s Emerging Trends Strategist, he uses his proprietary Prime System to identify stocks that move in cycles or seasons when the shares can be bought and sold for large short-term profits.

Matthew’s professional experience includes financial and risk analysis, emerging markets, business-to-business credit and corporate bankruptcies. This knowledge enables him to take a true bottom-up approach to investing, and use market volatility and seasonal cycles as an advantage.

Article Archive

A Success Rate of 92.86%

by Matthew Carr

We live in a time of unprecedented access to data - not only real-time, but also historical. For investors, it opens the door to immense possibilities. For instance, 20 years ago, my Prime System, which is the basis of Emerging Trends Trader, would have been virtually impossible to track. Read On…

How to Spot a Winning Stock

by Matthew Carr

Peter Lynch once said, "Investing without research is like playing stud poker and never looking at the cards."If you're wary of doing hard work - of getting your hands dirty doing some research - then I don't think investing is for you. It's not a game. Or a gamble. Read On…

While Others Lost 40%, We Gained 90%

by Matthew Carr

I've recently been following an online marketing company for my Emerging Trends Trader advisory service. You've probably never heard of this company, but it competes with Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG), Yahoo Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO) and other online advertisers. Read On…

The World’s Most Unstoppable Trend

by Matthew Carr

In the United States, on average, 2.5 million people die each year. But this is about to pick up as the Baby Boomers say their last farewells. And by 2040, the number of people dying each year in the United States will practically double from the level it's at now. Read On…