Marc Lichtenfeld

Chief Income Strategist

Marc Lichtenfeld became the Club’s Chief Income Strategist in 2012. Prior to that, he was the Club’s Senior Analyst and Healthcare Expert. Marc is the Senior Editor of The Oxford Income Letter, as well as the Editor of Oxford Systems Trader, Dividend Multiplier and Lightning Trend Trader.

Marc has worked as a trader, senior analyst and fund manager, outperforming the S&P 500 and the S&P Healthcare Index by a wide margin. Marc also looked at the market with a journalist’s eye as a columnist for The Street, where he broke several stories on companies in the biotech sector. His contrarian recommendations (including shorts) gained 12.6% annualized versus the S&P 500′s gain of 0.5%. He also published a best-selling book: Get Rich With Dividends: A Proven System for Earning Double-Digit Returns.

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Marc's Investment Beginnings

What was the first dollar you ever earned?

Shoveling snow when I was 9.

What's been the most satisfying dollar (or dollars) you've ever earned?

It's a tie. There was the $300 I made buying my first stock, when I was 22 – I bought 50 shares of Harley Davidson at $18 and sold it a short time later at $24. I thought this stock market stuff was going to be easy. The other one was being paid by Don King to ring announce one of his shows.

What's your favorite way to make money?

Finding stocks that Wall Street has not yet discovered or misunderstands is one of my favorites.

What's the best investment advice you've given or ever heard?

Zig when others zag.

Marc's Investment Newsletters and Trading Services:

  • Editor, Healthcare Profits Alert
  • Editor, The Oxford Systems Trader
  • Editor, Dividend Multiplier
  • Senior Editor, The Oxford Income Letter

Article Archive

Plenty of Room Left to Run

by Marc Lichtenfeld

Five and a half years into a bull market, the bears are eager to argue that today’s market is overvalued. Of course, many of them have been saying that for five and a half years, but that’s another story. I have not been in the “market is overvalued” camp. Read On…

Make Sure Your Upside Is Worth the Risk

by Marc Lichtenfeld

It occurred to me that many investors do the same thing as the losing fighter. They take on too much risk and take a beating despite the lack of a huge reward. They'll buy a stock, ride it all the way down and lose a ton of money. Or if the stock goes higher instead, they take profits too soon. Here are two strategies to ensure your investing or trading behavior doesn't mirror the beat-up boxer. Read On…

Where I Keep My Cash

by Marc Lichtenfeld

The problem for most investors is that cash pays nothing. I remember the days of getting 4% for keeping money in the bank. These days you're lucky to get 1/100th of that. Seriously. My brokerage account money market pays 0.01%. Read On…

Beware of Bubble Talk

by Marc Lichtenfeld

Some people think that things are getting a bit frothy in the tech world. Articles are popping up all over the mainstream media speculating about the "new tech bubble," and fretting about when it might "burst." And in some ways, the concern is understandable. Read On…

When Panic Strikes

by Marc Lichtenfeld

Trying to trade based on the whims of Vladimir Putin, an idiot Ukrainian separatist armed with a rocket launcher or Hamas terrorists is a fool's game. Sure, sometimes the actions of a madman overseas will disrupt the markets and hurt your positions. But other times, a geopolitical event will help your stocks. It's just that the violent ones that crush your positions are the ones that are more memorable. Read On…

Have You Been Pumped and Dumped?

by Marc Lichtenfeld

Some scam artists recently tried to rob me. I didn't take the bait, but I know they made plenty of money defrauding other unwitting investors. That infuriates me. And to make matters worse, it's all perfectly legal. Let me explain... Read On…

Walk Before You Run

by Marc Lichtenfeld

Lightning Trend Trader focuses on high-flying biotech stocks. There is a ton of money to be made in this sector, as these stocks can move double- or even triple-digit percentages in a day. Their options do so regularly. But with that kind of potential comes greater risk Read On…

Ensuring Your Family's Prosperity

by Marc Lichtenfeld

Kids very often model the behavior of their parents, good or bad. And that's true for a variety of subjects - financial behavior, personal relationships and dealing with stress are some of the more prominent ones. But not everyone is as fortunate as I was to have parents who set a good example. Read On…

Are You Prepared for Lower Interest Rates?

by Marc Lichtenfeld

Months ago, The Oxford Club's Bond Strategist Steve McDonald told me he thought the interest rate on the 10-year U.S. Treasury was going to drop below 2.4%. At the time, Treasurys were near 3% and the economy was improving. I thought he was nuts. Well, not only do I owe Steve an apology, I now agree with him. Read On…