Marc Lichtenfeld

Chief Income Strategist

Marc Lichtenfeld became the Club’s Chief Income Strategist in 2012. Prior to that, he was the Club’s Senior Analyst and Healthcare Expert. Marc is the Senior Editor of The Oxford Income Letter, as well as the Editor of Oxford Systems Trader, Dividend Multiplier and Lightning Trend Trader.

Marc has worked as a trader, senior analyst and fund manager, outperforming the S&P 500 and the S&P Healthcare Index by a wide margin. Marc also looked at the market with a journalist’s eye as a columnist for The Street, where he broke several stories on companies in the biotech sector. His contrarian recommendations (including shorts) gained 12.6% annualized versus the S&P 500′s gain of 0.5%. He also published a best-selling book: Get Rich With Dividends: A Proven System for Earning Double-Digit Returns.

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Marc's Investment Beginnings

What was the first dollar you ever earned?

Shoveling snow when I was 9.

What's been the most satisfying dollar (or dollars) you've ever earned?

It's a tie. There was the $300 I made buying my first stock, when I was 22 – I bought 50 shares of Harley Davidson at $18 and sold it a short time later at $24. I thought this stock market stuff was going to be easy. The other one was being paid by Don King to ring announce one of his shows.

What's your favorite way to make money?

Finding stocks that Wall Street has not yet discovered or misunderstands is one of my favorites.

What's the best investment advice you've given or ever heard?

Zig when others zag.

Marc's Investment Newsletters and Trading Services:

  • Editor, Healthcare Profits Alert
  • Editor, The Oxford Systems Trader
  • Editor, Dividend Multiplier
  • Senior Editor, The Oxford Income Letter

Article Archive

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Walk Before You Run

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Ensuring Your Family's Prosperity

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Are You Prepared for Lower Interest Rates?

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Months ago, The Oxford Club's Bond Strategist Steve McDonald told me he thought the interest rate on the 10-year U.S. Treasury was going to drop below 2.4%. At the time, Treasurys were near 3% and the economy was improving. I thought he was nuts. Well, not only do I owe Steve an apology, I now agree with him. Read On…

How Not to Be Scared by the Market

by Marc Lichtenfeld

I sat there in stunned silence. We were having dinner with our friends, when the husband told us he doesn't invest. "I don't trust the markets," he said. He keeps all of his savings in cash...I can say with 100% certainty he's wrong. Read On…

The Smart Money Is Preparing for a Correction

by Marc Lichtenfeld

Now, at Investment U and The Oxford Club, we don't predict which way the market is going to go. We're not market timers. But recently, many Wall Street strategists and technicians have pointed to all kinds of signals that suggest the market is about to sell off. Read On…

Why Are So Many People Wrong?

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After Matt Carr wrote about the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) sentiment survey, where bullish and bearish sentiment fell, but neutral sentiment spiked, I took a closer look at some of the numbers over the weekend. And what I found shocked me. Read On…

Buy From Amazon, but Not AMZN

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"You don't get it. It's all about eyeballs," the CEO told me. I was concerned he might be right. I uncomfortably twirled a pen in my hand as I pressed him further to explain how his business will survive and why investors should buy or own the stock. Read On…