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VIDEO The $1.875 Million Job

by Steve McDonald

The cheek smacker this week goes to the Federal Reserve and its QE program - bond buying. I may have outdone myself this week. Here are a couple of numbers that should tickle your funny bone, maybe. This one really is unbelievable. Read On…

VIDEO Investment U Explains: How to Ebola-Proof Your Portfolio

by Tom Sandford

​On September 30, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced the first confirmed case of Ebola in the U.S. One bright spot, however, is that it put some companies in the spotlight. ​Investment U Explains how to build an Ebola-proof portfolio while Tom Sandford's article discusses the big movers in biotech. Read On…

VIDEO Investment U Explains: Asset Allocation

by Alexander Green

Using asset allocation - which is exactly what we've been recommending for years - would not have left you entirely unscathed by the recent market meltdown. But you would be in far better shape than the many thousands of investors who still haven't summoned the courage to open their brokerage statements. Read On…