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Investment U's unbiased, "actionable" investment insights are underpinned by the four fundamental principles below.

1. Asset allocation. People are often surprised to learn that their most important investment decision is selecting the mix of assets to be held in their portfolio, not selecting the individual investments themselves. This is asset allocation. It's how you divide your portfolio up among different uncorrelated assets like stocks and bonds. Which is why we have experts in six different corners of finance.

2. Trailing stops. Anyone can buy a stock. The real art of investing, however, is knowing when to sell. And trailing stops can nicely remove any guesswork. Such a strategy guarantees that your profits and principal are always protected. We typically recommend running a 25% trailing stop behind any position. And a 50% trailing stop on smaller-cap stocks.

3. Position sizing. We know nothing about your net worth, investment experience, risk tolerance, or time horizon. But we do have a position-sizing formula we recommend regardless of the above factors. Simply put, no single stock position should comprise more than 3% of your equity portfolio. If you want to be conservative, invest less. If you want to be more aggressive, invest more.

4. Minimizing fees. Incurring too many fees can be your portfolio's silent killer. Given that, learning to invest your own money - and, in turn, erasing a big chunk of your fees - is a surefire way to better returns.

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Founded in 1999, Investment U is one of the first independent, free financial education websites of its kind. Investment U provides cutting-edge research and strategic financial recommendations for all levels of investors through its morning publication Investment U Daily and its related publications. Every day we reach more than 250,000 unique readers, providing insight and recommendations based on timeless and proven principles for smart investing.

Investment U remains committed to a range of “market-neutral” and “asset-allocated” investment strategies. These include momentum investing, maximizing income, tax-advantaged investing, following insider buying, investing in energy and resources, emerging markets, and investing in biotech and health care technologies. We believe that these strategies will continue to educate and make you a better investor over time, and we remain dedicated to providing continuous guidance through our daily publications.

Investment U Daily, our newsletter published six times per week. The newsletter offers innovative analysis, our experts’ timely views and recommendations for the markets, and regular one-on-one interviews with some of the top executives and investors in the financial markets.

Although its team has decades of experience in the financial markets, Investment U does not provide personal investment advice, brokerage services or manage money.

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P.S. Our research stems from decades of first-rate, hands-on experience. Investment U's panel of experts consists of bestselling financial authors and renowned economists, to top trading coaches, successful entrepreneurs, "tenured" Wall Street veterans and multiple PhDs in finance. Here's a complete list of our contributors.