The Reluctant Entrepreneur: Practical Advice From the Best Wealth-Creator I Know

Alexander Green
by Alexander Green, Chief Investment Strategist

It’s a truism in our capitalist society: You don’t get rich working for someone else. You get rich working for yourself.

Yet the overwhelming majority of Americans don’t understand how to start their own business. They feel like they don’t have a good enough idea or enough capital to make a go of it. To top it off, most are understandably scared to leave their current job or risk their savings on a new enterprise. Still… they understand that they will never achieve financial independence – or significantly upgrade their lifestyle – without becoming an entrepreneur of some sort.

If this sounds familiar, let me make a recommendation. Pick up a copy of The Reluctant Entrepreneur by my friend and colleague Michael Masterson.

And buy a highlighter, too. You’re going to need it.

Michael Masterson is the real deal, an astonishingly successful wealth creator who has launched dozens of businesses in many different industries. He retired more than 20 years ago but, fortunately for the rest of us, found it unspeakably boring. Today he devotes his business life to instructing and mentoring others.

His new book is something special. It’s a call to action – and a step-by-step plan – to embrace your fears and start your own business without a lot of investment capital and with as little risk as humanly possible.

Of course, Masterson has written many business bestsellers, but this book is different. Here he focuses only on the first two stages of business growth – from zero to $1 million and from $1 million to $10 million. However, he begins with an even earlier stage of entrepreneurship – the point where you may be now: a “would-be” business owner. As the chapters unfold, he describes, in detail, how to develop a good, workable idea for a business and how to carefully put that plan into action.

The advice here is anything but theoretical. Using examples from his own business career – and from those he’s mentored – he shows you exactly how to proceed, how to overcome your fears, how to achieve business success without leaving your current career (at least at the outset) and without risking a lot of money. I personally know dozens of individuals who have seen their lives – and their fortunes – transformed by guidance and advice from Michael Masterson.

Too many people mistakenly believe you need a breakthrough technology, a patented product, or a visionary innovation to make it big in business. Not so.

Disney (NYSE: DIS) didn’t invent the amusement park. Amway Founder Rich DeVos didn’t invent multi-level marketing. Amazon’s (Nasdaq: AMZN) Jeff Bezos didn’t invent online retailing. Starbucks (Nasdaq: SBUX) Founder Howard Shultz didn’t invent the coffee shop.

Successful entrepreneurship is about finding an economic need – even a small one in your local community or online – and filling it. In The Reluctant Entrepreneur, Michael Masterson shows you how organization, smart risk management and the application of sound principles lead – almost inevitably – to real business success and enduring wealth. There's a lifetime of wisdom and experience in these pages, expressed simply and engagingly by the most successful entrepreneur I know.

Why learn the hard way?

Good Investing,

Alexander Green

P.S. The Reluctant Entrepreneur is available at bookstores nationwide. Or to pick up a copy on sale at Amazon for less than 16 bucks, click here.

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