VIDEO Investment U Explains: How to Ebola-Proof Your Portfolio

by Tom Sandford

​On September 30, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced the first confirmed case of Ebola in the U.S. One bright spot, however, is that it put some companies in the spotlight. ​Investment U Explains how to build an Ebola-proof portfolio while Tom Sandford's article discusses the big movers in biotech.

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Are Oil Exploration and Production Companies Oversold?

by David Becker

The decline in oil price has prompted the re-pricing of energy equities, which dropped nearly 19% in the past month. Looking at momentum indicators, it is clear that this sector is oversold. When combined with the seasonal tendency for energy shares to rise in November, exploration and development companies could be a bargain.

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Podcast: AAPL Breaks $100, Retirees Get a Raise and Toys "R" Us Outlaws Dolls That Come w/ Meth

by Alexander Moschina

Welcome back to our weekly wrap-up of financial news. In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve undergone a major format change: Investment U #Trending the column is now Investment U #Trending the podcast.

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Plus Silver Linings

by Sean Brodrick

This past weekend, I spoke at the World MoneyShow in Toronto. There were a lot of smart audience questions, especially on silver. That surprised me, because I hadn't presented on silver. But here's what I told the audience: When it comes to silver, there is good news, bad news and plenty of opportunity. Read On…

Plus Be Right When Everyone Else Is Wrong

by Marc Lichtenfeld

"Stocks are going to head higher. There is nothing out there to push them lower." "Stocks will crash and continue lower for the next several years." What would you do if you heard either of those statements? If I heard the first one and markets had been rallying for a while, I'd get defensive. That statement is a sign of hubris. Read On…

Chart of the Week: Can You Afford Retirement?

by Rachel Gearhart

It’s recommended that workers shoot for a retirement income of at least 70% of their pre-retirement income. Yet on average, retiree households in the United States are living on only $37,847 a year. According to an study of 2013 Census Bureau data, that’s only 60% of the annual income of 45- to 64-year-olds. Read On…

Plus 3 Things You Must Know About Oil Prices

by Sean Brodrick

Oil prices recently dropped to four-year lows. You can bet there are Texas oil men shaking in their 10-gallon hats right now, wondering if oil will go to $80... $75... or lower. The short-term action in oil prices is hard to predict. But here are three things you must know when you're making plans for your own energy investments. Read On…

Is October the Month for Technology Stocks?

by David Becker

Technology stocks generally perform well in October as investors begin to focus on third quarter earnings. While the group as a whole has outperformed the broader markets, there are a number of both software and hardware companies that have experienced stellar performance. Read On…

Plus What’s Wrong With This Market?

by Alexander Green

Over the last two months, the S&P 500 has gone from a double-digit gain for the year into the red. Small cap stocks, as measured by the Russell 2000 index, have gone from a correction (a decline of 10% or more) into almost bear market territory (a decline of 20% or more). What's wrong with this market? Less than you might think. But let's start with the negatives. Read On…

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